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Uncovering the Royal Guards Story

Prince’s Carabinieri

An exposition located in the library recounts, through a collection of archives, two centuries of history of the Prince’s guards, how they evolved and changed throughout the years. In 2004, the guards celebrated the 100th anniversary of the start of their story as guards to the royal family. In 2017, the guard ‘company’ celebrates its bicentenary – no mistakes have …

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Virginie Broquet: Exhibition on French Embassies

View of Monaco

In this exhibition in June, you can see the work of artist Virginie Broquet, who has captured more than thirty French embassies all over the world. She has brought back from her travels delicate and exotic designs. With the exhibition at the Maison de France in Monaco, the globe-trotter embarks us on her adventure. It all started in 2003, when …

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Bonsai Expo 2017: in Harmony with Nature

Monaco Bonsai Expo 2017

This weekend the Principality of Monaco has yet again welcomed bonsai enthusiasts from different corners of the globe to take part in the Monaco Bonsai Expo 2017, from the 9th to the 11th of June, under the High Patronage of S.A.R. Princess of Hanover. As always, the event takes place in the beautifully serene and prestigious location of the Jardin …

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Philippe Pasqua’s ‘Borderline’ Exhibition

Borderline Exhibition

The Oceanographic Museum of Monaco has welcomed a truly monumental exhibition to its collection – it is on show from the beginning of May through to the very end of September. It’s called the Borderline Exhibition and consists of gigantic custom-made works and sculptures by the artist Philippe Pasqua. The monographic pieces are placed alongside the mythical collections of the …

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“La Dolce Vita”. How sweet is it?

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita is a well-known expression and in this article we will tell you more about its historical significance and its connection to an exciting visual exhibition this spring and summer. The period of time from the 1950s-1970s can truly be called the period when Europe began “waking up” after The World War II. As soon as the prior …

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Art Monte-Carlo celebrates international exhibitors for a second year

Art Monte-Carlo - 2017

The fair opened this weekend, bringing together about 40 international galleries to attract collectors and anyone curious about discovering the world of art. It was a gamble in 2016, but Art Monte-Carlo has returned for a second season, with a positive balance sheet boosted by enthusiastic word of mouth. The concept for 2017 remained intact. About forty galleries exhibited their most …

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Stéphane Bolongaro’s exhibition in Monaco Automobile Museum

Stéphane Bolongaro and Prince Albert

Marrying humor with consumerism, Stéphane Bolongaro’s art manages to seduce passers-by as well as seasoned art collectors.  His universe gives a playful nod to childhood.  The artist is well-known to the wider public for ‘Totor’, a Jack Russell terrier painted in bright colors which comes straight from his imagination. “It’s a Jack Russell dog, a reassuring, touching dog, which evokes …

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The lost piece of the monegasque patrimonial collection

Whale hunt

A valuable painting had been taken from the Oceanographic Museum in 2000 and has recently been returned safely. All is well that ends well, but like all the police stories, it started badly. On 16 December 2000, the Livorno Museum of Natural History in Italy was burgled during the night. The thief escaped with three works of art, including a …

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Open house at Monaco’s Art School

Art school

Monaco’s art school welcomed students and curious visitors inside their walls to present the activities and work carried out in the establishment. Normally, the art school is reserved for study and creation. Yesterday, the Bosio Pavilion was accessible to everyone. An open house at the arts college on the Rock. Firstly, so that aspiring students could enter and discover the …

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The Incredible Story of Rembrandt’s Stolen Masterpiece

Stolen Rembrandt

Stolen on the 13th of July, 1999, during a military parade, the painting ‘Child with a soap bubble’ was returned to the municipal museum of Draguignan in March, 2014. Rembrandt of Draguignan The incredible robbery of Rembrandt’s painting “Child with a Soap Bubble”, later found in Nice, and its restitution are the subject of a documentary aired this evening on …

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