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Monaco launches world’s fastest internet

Monaco Telecom

Las week marked the launch of a major advance: the first mobile commercial network at 1Gb/s. With this innovation, Monaco Telecom is continuing its commitment to combine performance and quality. The 4G at 1Gb/s is 21 times faster than 3G. “Now the Principality, thanks to Monaco Telecom, is the only country in the world that can offer its inhabitants, who …

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From Uber to divorce is one step


Throughout the ages, philosophers and poets have offered plenty of sensible advice about adultery. Exodus 20:14, for instance, took the Nancy Reagan approach — just say no. Others have argued for careful contemplation of emotional fallout. (As Carrie Underwood sang, in her anthem to romantic purgation via Louisville slugger, “Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats.”) Somewhat less catchy was the recent lesson …

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Monaco Telecom Launches ‘La Box’

Monaco Telecom Launches ‘La Box’

Martin Péronnet, CEO of Monaco Telecom, presents a new box which has gained more than 1,500 customers in a month and a half. It is a small black rectangle which could change many things on the screens of the Principality. The new box from Monaco Telecom has arrived, after a little delay. In over a month and a half, it …

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Wingr: Make Professional Connections with Your Phone


Ever imagined meeting your future business associate or business partner with your smartphone? Nothing is impossible with the app from the Monegasque company Wingr. This app allows you to seize business opportunities and interact with people you encounter regularly but have never spoken to. Have you ever asked yourself ‘Who are the people I cross paths with regularly?  The people …

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The Caisses Sociales now have an application on Android and Apple smartphones

Caisses Sociales

The Caisses Sociales now have an application on Android and Apple smartphones enabling you to view your insurance card. You can also download the card of your other beneficiaries on their mobile phones. What this application offers you? Your registration card. Get a direct access to the information needed by healthcare professionals, send your medical sheets to the Caisses Sociales …

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