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Monaco with kids

Monaco zoo or that’s where the hippo lives


There is a place in Monaco, in Fontvieille, entirely run by the animals. You will not find any lions, gorillas or elephants though. It will be a bit ambitious calling this place a zoo, it is quite small. But the very fact that the tiny Principality has found space for it, is amazing! The animal park was founded in 1954 …

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Less than an hour from Monaco lies the French town of Mougins, where the sports and entertainment complex  was opened about a year ago. “Salto” is an indoor trampoline park and sports centre that had great success not only among the local population, but also with neighboring French cities. It is fully booked every weekend and to avoid long queues, …

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Kindergarten in Monaco: where genius grows

Children in Monaco - kindergarten

Monaco is an excellent place to send your child to school. The level of attention, academic rigour and support for working schedules is hard to beat. Before choosing a kindergarten, there are some basic rules to know about the Monaco system. First, enrolment in école maternelle begins the year your child turns three years of age. So if your child …

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Holiday with children in the “Villages des fous”, Villeneuve Loubet

Village of fools , VILLENEUVE LOUBET

“The atmosphere here is madness” – this is the slogan that greets the visitors of the amusement park for children and adults “Village of Fools” (Village des Fous). The “Mad” village that unwittingly awakens the child in every adult is located in the woods near the small town of Villeneuve-Loubet, with a total area of 2 hectares. It offers more …

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An idea for school vacations: tree climbing in Casterino

Tree climbing in Casterino

If you don’t know yet what to do on the upcoming school vacations, try Casterino. This park offers you the unique attraction of tree climbing. Casterino is located at the entrance to the Mercantour Park in Tende region, 77 km from Monaco. Its amusement park “Accro des Merveilles”, suspended between earth and sky and surrounded by century-old arches, offers your …

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Children’s playgrounds in Monaco

playground for children in the Principality of Monaco

There are several great playgrounds for children in across the Principality of Monaco. Here you can find practical information about all of them. Some of them are a nice place for adults as well, where you can sit and relax while your children play. Let us start with one located on top of the stairs to the Princely Palace, in …

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September is the right time to enroll your children in sports

Sport activities for children in Monaco

Monaco is an expensive country, but it offers a wide range of affordable sportive activities for children. Unless you have an ambition of raising a new tennis star and hiring Nadal as a personal trainer, getting your children into sports will not cost as much as you think. And September is the month to enroll. So how can you ensure …

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Starbucks, Funhouse for children and Monaco dance school

Starbucks in Monaco

The building Les Jardins d’Apolline was opened in 2012. It is nicely located next to one of Monaco’s busiest areas, Place d’Armes, not far away from the tunnel connecting the train station to the Fontvieille area. The local businesses definitely chose a good location, given the number of people walking here day and night. Starbucks is one of the most …

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Cinema and movies in English in Monaco

Снимок экрана 2013-07-21 в 15.20.42

There is only one movie theatre in Monaco, and this is apparently not the most dynamically developed business in the Principality. The movie halls are full only on the most popular days such as when they are showing the latest James Bond in the original language, the tickets are colorful pieces of paper without indication of seats, and you can …

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The Museum of Vintage Automobiles – the Royal Family collection


Things to do and see in Monaco. The Monaco Museum of Vintage / Ancient Automobiles is a collection of the Grimaldi Family. It is a unique museum, about which, for some reason, only a few tourists know. Nevertheless, both adults and children, enthusiasts and admirers of beautiful cars, are likely to be amazed by it. Located on the terraces of …

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