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Rainer III Swimming Pool in the port Hercules


A municipal swimming pool Rainier III is located right in the center of the main port in Monaco, which is where your kids are likely to be happy to go for a swim, unless they do not make it there because of the numerous amusements rides on the way, which are open every summer after the Formula 1 facilities are …

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Personal fitness coach & massage at home


Olympstars is the private coaching company at home. Physical fitness is the main asset of your professional success. A team of coaches graduates, available at home or outdoors, will develop a training plan adapted to your needs & safety. A professional sports massage treatments at home to relax and to tone. Contacts: Mail: contact@olympstars.com aymesbarbara@yahoo.fr Phone: +33 620 02 52 …

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Constantine restaurant in Fontvielle: Italian best


This small cozy non-touristic restaurant in Monaco is one of my favorites. Why? Imagine a small wooden terrace flooded in the greenery, pots with plants, and fresh vegetables on grey wooden tables, all sort of chairs with cushions, a bookshelf with adventure and art books, the sea within a stone’s throw from you, low hanging lamps at night, and a …

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How to choose a restaurant in Monaco


This question pops out now and then throughout my lifetime, especially in the summer season – due to the influx of the friends and acquaintances going to Monaco for a vacation. What restaurant should we go to, and what is the level of prices, and how do we make a reservation? So, below is the information in short about what …

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Cinema and movies in English in Monaco

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There is only one movie theatre in Monaco, and this is apparently not the most dynamically developed business in the Principality. The movie halls are full only on the most popular days such as when they are showing the latest James Bond in the original language, the tickets are colorful pieces of paper without indication of seats, and you can …

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The Museum of Vintage Automobiles – the Royal Family collection


Things to do and see in Monaco. The Monaco Museum of Vintage / Ancient Automobiles is a collection of the Grimaldi Family. It is a unique museum, about which, for some reason, only a few tourists know. Nevertheless, both adults and children, enthusiasts and admirers of beautiful cars, are likely to be amazed by it. Located on the terraces of …

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Jardin Exotique – the Exotic Garden of Monaco

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Things to do and see in Monaco The Exotic Garden, opened in 1933, extends up until the very border between France and Monaco. An unbelievable collection of the rare types of African and Latin American cacti, aloe, and gigantic agave plants, delivered from the Aztecs’ plateau, is gathered here. The climate conditions of Monaco create perfect grounds for the growth …

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Review of fitness clubs in Monaco


The Principality of Monaco has a wide choice of athletic activities fitting every taste and budget. Majority of expats prefer to work out at the hotels’ gyms. They go there with their personal coaches, sweat it out at the treadmill every day, or circle around in the swimming pool. For the stay-at-home moms and wives this is part of their …

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The review of Monaco’s playgrounds


There are several beautiful playgrounds spread around different parts of Monaco, and knowing their locations will be useful for both the guests and the locals. Some playgrounds can be compatible with promenades for adults, so you might be able to enjoy the entire joy of happy parenthood being left in peace while your offsprings are playing on the slides accompanied …

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Metropole Hotel: exquisite hotel for those who understand

metropole hotel monaco метрополь отель монако

A five-star hotel in Monaco, the Metropole Hotel is located only a hundred meters away from the Casino, but sometimes it can be difficult to find, just like the namesake trade centre next to it. Look for an artistic arch and a door keeper at the entrance, walk down the cobble stones towards the revolving door, – and you will …

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