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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Low-Fat vs Full-Fat?

full fat versus high fat dairy

As the shift towards eating more natural, wholesome foods becomes more popular, whole milk dairy products are often promoted as a healthier, purer and more nutritious choice than “processed” low-fat alternatives. They also tend to taste better. And with research now casting doubt on the long-held assumption that low-fat products are useful for weight loss – so should you abandon …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Get Sweet Wise


Get Sweet Wise There’s a reason why sugar is so addictive. The sweeter the food the more energy it provided for our hunter-gatherer ancestors, so craving them is a leftover survival mechanism. But these days it’s not just honey, carrots and berries that tempt us – ultra-sweet foods are everywhere! Our bodies are not adapted to the sheer amount of …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Allergy Alert!


The Alpes-Maritimes has been placed on red alert thanks to the plethora of Cypress trees in the region. Since the high pollen warning is expected to last until the end of March, what better time to talk about allergies and how they differ from other sensitivities? The allergic reaction Simply put, allergies involve a reaction by the immune system. Immediate …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Love Your Gut

gut health

Our gut is often called our second brain. Embedded in the walls of the intestines, the enteric nervous system (ENS) not only controls digestion, it also impacts our physical and mental well-being. Although we are not conscious of our gut “thinking”, the ENS helps us sense what’s happening in our environment and then influences our response. Hence the origin of …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: How to spot a fake nutritionist

woman with book

With everyone from personal trainers to health coaches dishing out nutritional advice, could you be leaving your health in the hands of an under qualified “professional” rather than a properly qualified nutrition expert? As a licensed nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Nutritional Health, I’m often asked about the various “nutrition gurus” that are popping up left and …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Tips

apple heart

February is Heart Awareness Month, so why not celebrate Valentine’s Day by encouraging everyone you love to take care of their long-term heart health? With heart disease affecting so many people, the focus should be on prevention, not treatment. We need less “sickcare” and more “healthcare”! What is Heart Disease? Heart disease refers to a variety of conditions that affect …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Avoiding the Worst Hidden Food Ingredients 

doughnut image

Food labels tell us the calories, carbs, protein and fat. But what else is hiding inside your food? You probably can’t identify half the other mysterious ingredients on the list – even if you can read the tiny print. Sneaky additives  Convenience is a big part of our modern lifestyle, and that’s especially true when it comes to food and …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Fats made simple

mixed nuts

With so many oils to choose from and so much talk about the different types of fat, it’s difficult to know which ones to use. Dietary fat, also known as fatty acids, is found in foods from both plants and animals. Some are linked to negative effects on health, while others have been found to offer significant health benefits. Either …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Nutrition Tips for Smart Kids

Tips for Smart Kids

Us parents love talking about our children’s education. But aside from the right schools, the right teachers and keeping on top of the homework, what more do our children need to shine at school? How about a diet enriched with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids? Perhaps it’s time to ditch the Nutella, Frosties, chicken nuggets and Coke and start building …

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Keeping Monaco healthy with Susan Tomassini: Natural Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu

Sick Woman. Flu. Woman Caught Cold.

It’s peak flu season and the Cote d’Azur has been hit hard, reporting three times more cases than the rest of France – which is already under the grip of an intense epidemic. Fortunately for most, flu is not serious or fatal, but who needs a miserable few days of high fever, aches and pains and other cold symptoms?The official …

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