600 People Attend the SBM’s Recruitment Day
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Recruitment Day

600 People Attend the SBM’s Recruitment Day

On Wednesday, January 25th, the Sociétédes Bains de Mer organized a day of recruitment in the fields of catering, reception, well-being and leisure.

To enter, participants first had to complete a questionnaire. Nina Colombet was one of the participants who was busy with the task. Questions on the form included: address, number of foreign languages ​​spoken and desired position. This young Roquebrunoise, who is 25 years old, hopes to find work as a hostess: “I have a bit of experience with the reception work and I am very attracted to the field of hospitality. So I’ve come to try my luck.”

More than 600 people attended the recruitment day. In the room, there were those who had made an effort to dress well: dressed in tailored suits and outfits. Then those who applied the rule of “Come as you are” and opted for sneakers, baggy jeans and rugged backpacks. There are also those who are anxious. Who lied to their current employer to take the day off to find a new job; and those who are very casual and came here simply out of curiosity.

500 vacancies

But all candidates have one day to try and join one of the prestigious establishments of the Société des Bains de Mer (SBM).

“We’re hiring mainly in the hotel business,” said Jacqueline Gastaut, Head of Recruitment. – “Candidates must have hotel training as well as experience in luxury hotels. We also want people with a thorough knowledge of several foreign languages.”

Each year, nearly 4,000 CVs are posted on the company’s website. However, this recruitment day proved to be indispensable: “We need seasonal workers for the period of April to October. In total, we have 500 vacancies.” An astonishing demand given the impressive number of applications. “Our criteria are very high. So it’s very difficult for us to find someone who fits our expectations perfectly,” she says.

Since the beginning of the morning, recruiters have mainly dealt with young people. After discussions with a human resource representative, the applicants are directed to the proper establishments. “Some come for a specific job, but you realise that their CV does not allow them to do that job. They are therefore directed to establishments where they can be more useful,” explains Alexa Milanini, Head of the Career Management Department.

Between confidence and disappointment

Once this stage is over, candidates have to wait in one of the seven long queues from which emanate both stress and composure. Anthony Kocik is here to try to get a position as a head waiter in night clubs such as the Buddha Bar or the Jimmy’z. The young man is confident.

Recruitment Day

“I’ve already worked in Monaco and I’ve come straight from Orlando where I have been working in a luxury hotel.” He goes out of his interview nonchalantly and then leaves without applying for other positions, “I will not apply for the other establishments, they do not interest me.”

In a completely different state of mind, Chloe Vernoux wants to take advantage of all the opportunities. At the end of the morning, the young woman has already appeared in front of four booths out of seven. And her marathon is not finished yet.

“I’ll take a break and come back this afternoon; I do not want to regret not trying my best.”Chloe is feeling positive, “Out of four recruiters, two have told me that my profile interests them,” she said.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Aurore Desmarthon is so discouraged and disappointed; she didn’t event meet the criteria to pass the interview.

“I do not live in Monaco and apart from English, I do not speak a second language.”

Two essential criteria for working within the SBM, especially since priority is given to Monegasques and people living in the vicinity.

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