Julia Sidi Atman is Miss Côte d'Azur 2017
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Julia Sidi Atman

Julia Sidi Atman is Miss Côte d’Azur 2017

Sparkling tiara and new sash across her heart. When Julia Sidi Atman arrived on the Cap d’Antibes Ondes beach, it was impossible not to notice her! With the Miss Côte d’Azur 2017 beauty pageant behind her, she can now live a dream where she rubs shoulders with stars and inspires little girls. Between smiles, the Miss Cannes winner poses alongside kids who timidly ask for selfies. A crowned beauty queen at the age of 21, the native of Geneva who arrived on the French Riviera at the age of 5 has an accessible personality. Kind words, a benevolent look, a graceful step: from the top of her 1 meter 80, she radiates elegance. Chic, natural, simple, she’ll bear the colours of the region at the Miss France 2018 Pageant, in December in Chateauroux and intends to follow a simple guideline: be yourself.

How do you feel, a few hours after your coronation?

I am really happy! (Smiles) The evening was a mix between the stress of going on stage and the happiness of being there. With the other fifteen candidates, we were very close. There was a lot of help.

What happened in your head when you heard your name after: “And Miss Côte d’Azur is…”?

I took a moment before realizing. Suddenly I heard my family shout for joy, I had to bend down so Miss France could put the crown on my head. Too many emotions!

And when you woke up the next day?

Messages on social networks, calls on my phone, I realized my luck. It’s an amazing experience!

What does the Côte d’Azur mean to you?

It is in my heart, it is my region, it is the sun: that’s all for me!

What does your new daily life look like?

Many interviews, then official photo shoots for the Miss France Committee, events and a trip to California with the other Miss France candidates before rehearsals for the competition in December!

Have you been an avid fan for a long time?

Yes, it’s funny, when I was little, I noted the candidates on a sheet of paper and I checked those I liked best.

A dream of yours since you were a little girl?

It’s an unacknowledged dream, yes.

How will you live with this new popularity?

When I’m with the sash and crown, people spot me right away! Even when I’m in a car. It’s very nice actually, it makes people smile!

What values ​​do you want to convey?

I want to give a good image of women to little girls, to show them that there is something other than reality TV, that one can be proud to become someone strong and sensitive.

Julia Sidi Atman

Do you have role models?

[She looks at her mother in front of her] My mom and my grandmother.

You are very surrounded!

My family is everything for me. On the evening of the pageant, they all came: from Marseille, Nimes, Geneva…

A Miss who inspires you?

Marine Lorphelin, Miss France 2013. For her associative commitment, for her beauty as well. But all the Misses are beautiful and are an example.

You study architecture at the Ecole de Condéin Nice. So, will you return in September?

No, I will devote myself entirely to my role this year. But studies are something very important, so I will continue to pursue them!

In interior design?

I like it very much! I did different jobs as a saleswoman, hostess. Until I discovered an architecture firm. There, I fell in love with the field. I love design and have been drawing since I was little.

Ah yes?

I always have a sketchbook, a pencil. I do portraits, but I also paint, and do watercolour.

What are your other passions?

Well, like all the girls I love shopping! [Laughs] Cinema and travel, I love to discover the world, I went to Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia. In fact, I love to experience food too. I like to taste specialties, I’m a gourmand!

What are your defining qualities?

I am ambitious, generous, smiley and loyal.

And your faults?

I am stubborn and disorderly!

Before all this, what were your plans for this summer?

Frankly, I said to myself: I’ll participate, I’ll try, I won’t expect anything! And in the end, I did well! I never thought I’d get into it. It was by listening to everybody, who pushed me, told me to try it, that I become a model.

And now you’ve entered the field!

[Laughs] I now form a duo with Miss Provence 2017, Kléofina Pnishi, who is an adorable girl. We spend time together, I appreciate it very much.

A little word for the Azuréens?

I would like to thank the audience who voted at the Théâtre de la Mer in Golfe-Juan. And tell people who weren’t there that I cannot wait to meet them! (smiles)

Source of photos: www.nicematin.com

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