Monegasques complaining on a lack of activities for children at the Port of Monaco
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Monegasques complaining on a lack of activities for children at the Port of Monaco

There have been recent complaints by residents due to a lack of activities for children at the Port of Monaco according to Monaco Matin.

The second beautiful summer evening on Saturday, featuring a fireworks display and a “Tribute to The Rolling Stones” concert, will not assuage the frustration of many residents of the Principality. Monaco Matin reports that message sent by a reader under the pseudonym “Monaco and Co” sums up the state of mind of many parents: “We are saddened and disappointed that this year the Port of Monaco is no longer accepting the rides and activities that made our children happy. Of course, there is a nice carrousel, a path and trampolines, but what about the zip lines, water boats, bubbles filled with air?” And all the other attractions that brought a lively atmosphere, each summer, to the Quay Albert-l?

Extraordinary walking area

Mayor Georges Marsan brings several answers justifying the decision to minimise the summer attractions on the harbour. “For several years,” he says, “residents told us that there was too much in the harbour, that they no longer had public space to walk around, that children couldn’t go cycling or on their scooters, as was the case in the past. The first reason for this choice was to leave this place of relaxation and walking free. This space is special, an extraordinary walking area for our residents.”

The second reason is more prosaic. It is part of the cost of the security measures required since the attacks in Paris and, above all, in Nice. The delimitation of public gathering places, including the Christmas village, the attraction fair or the International Fireworks Competition, with systematic security checks on visitors, has a cost: € 300,000. Georges Marsan thus decided: the attraction fair, the Christmas village and the fireworks are kept, the summer village was sacrificed.

Georges Marsan
Mayor Georges Marsan. Source:

And then, a subsidiary reason is given by the Mayor of Monaco: “In recent years, I have often heard people lamenting about these summer attractions on the harbour, which were deemed too expensive and not always satisfactory.” Not everyone agrees. The attractions are missed as much as the refreshments, the aperitif concerts “at respectable hours”, of which “the Latin and pop rock sounds were the joy of the local families and passers-by”, added one reader.

The absence of the pavilions and welcoming bars and snacks on the Northern part of the esplanade, the mayor also regrets it, but explains this change is due to a delay in delivery because of development work. “A call for tender will be launched at the start of the school year for the next summer,” he says.

More one-off events

In addition, the town council intends to multiply, in the future, the reception of one-off events on the southern part of Quay Albert I, above La Rascasse. The mayor’s office will also have to imagine events of interest to children.

“This year,” regrets this Monegasque web user, “the concerts are at 22:30 and, given the cruel lack of summer activities for children, we see that they are not the priority of the season!”

Though residents have submitted complaints due to the reduction in port activities for children, it is hoped that the town hall can make amends on future occasions by offering great events that all can enjoy. In the meantime, while new activities haven’t been introduced yet, you can check our section “Monaco with kids” where HelloMonaco tells you how to spend excellent summer with your kids in Monaco this summer and also shares interesting information about different camps for kids that were offered by Monaco this year.

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