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Municipal Budget

The municipal budget, adopted last week during the assembly, the only topic on the agenda, with no debating. The municipal budget of 2016 balances out at 62.763.800 EUR.

On Monday evening the Municipality met in an extraordinary meeting to review and adapt for the second time the municipality’s budget of 2016. No debates, and discussions.

A quick tour of the budget allocations are as follows:

The Products remain at 14.603.200 EUR. First thing that we notice is that the income and expenses are unmodified from the first modifications of the annual budget.

Increase in the expenditure for staff of 58.000 EUR. It is interesting to notice that although there was a general increase of 58.000 EUR to the staff budget, there was a fall in salaries and indemnities of 30.000 EUR and an increase in social charges of 88.000 EUR. The total budget after modifications stands at 39.086.850 EUR.

A decrease in management expenses of 45.500 EUR. One can notice that the management expenditure credits has fallen to a global allocated budget of 8.715.850 EUR.

In terms of royalties there has been an increase of 120.000 EUR. The occupation of public pathways and roads came to 150.000 EUR and the concessions 20.000 EUR. The parking fees have dropped by 50.000 EUR. So, the total budget came to 6.916.000 EUR.

The municipal events have a 40.400 EUR drop. In this category falls “events, workshops and communication”, which dropped the allocated and modified budget to a total of 3.493.900 EUR.
At the end of the assembly, it was mentioned that the fuel expenses dropped by 5000 EUR, which is good news and thanks to the municipalities investment in green energy vehicles, this figure should continue drop as the more electric vehicles are planned to be allocated to the municipality. Yet again this little bit of good news shows the real actions that are being implemented in Monaco, as an example, of effort to reduce their carbon footprint, in a sustainable way.

Source: Monaco Matin

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