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The Monaco Prestige IFBB Cup: Where Strength and Durability meet

Monaco Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship (Prestige IFBB Cup)

We all know that working on yourself is a key to many achievements. Sooner or later, hard work bears fruit. The participants at the first Monaco Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship (Prestige IFBB Cup) are very familiar with what physical work is, and the result was immediately obvious to both the audience and the jury. The contest of “The Strongest” was …

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Inauguration of the new Hercule Fitness Club Municipal Gym

Hercule Fitness Club Municipal gym

In the presence of Monsignor Barsi, Archbishop of Monaco, Stéphane Valéri, President of the National Council, Patrice Cellario, Government Councillor – Minister for the Interior, Didier Gamerdinger, Government Councillor – Minister for Social Affairs and Health, Marc Mourou, National Councillor, President of the Commission of Education and Youth, and representatives of the Monegasque institutions, Mayor Georges Marsan surrounded by several …

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Event Program: Sculptor François-Joseph Bosio’s 250th Anniversary

François-Joseph Bosio

A program of events commemorating the 250th anniversary of sculptor François-Joseph Bosio’s birth will be taking place in Monaco, beginning on Saturday the 21st April 2018. 250 years ago, on the 19th of March 1768, Giuseppe Francesco Bosio was born in Monaco, better known as François-Joseph Bosio, a Monegasque sculptor who became internationally renowned during his lifetime. At the initiative …

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Monaco’s Call to Action: “I protect my child, I vaccinate him”

European Immunisation Week

Monaco’s Department of Health and Social Affairs has initiated a public health campaign to ensure that everyone in the Principality is aware of the importance of immunisation. European Immunisation Week, spanning April 23 and 29 is also being given high profile in the promotional efforts of the World Health Organisation. Monaco’s campaign includes immunizing the community by mandating vaccinations for three …

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Monaco Luxury Symposium: “The art of awakening emotions”

Monaco Luxury Symposium

What is “luxury” and what is in store for us for the future as far as luxury is concerned? What better country than Monaco to find a good answer to this question. On April 12-13, at the Meridien Beach Plaza, HelloMonaco learned all about the concept of “luxury” at both the academic and professional level. This is the third time …

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