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Tourism and Conventions in Monaco: the DTC gives the invisible hand of the market a boost

Fairmont Monte-Carlo Hotel

While Monaco has obvious natural appeal with its physical beauty and prime position on the Cote d’Azur (not to mention its image as a centre of glamour, sports and entertainment), did you ever wonder how year over year there is ever more interest in Monaco as a tourist destination and why there are a proliferation of Conventions here of international …

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Monaco in perpetual motion anticipates its future water needs

Monaco Water supply - running water

The danger of fire in tall buildings is a hot topic, (forgive the pun) particularly due to recent big disasters in the U.K. and Dubai to name just two that hit the headlines – and there is always the extreme example of the World Trade Centre conflagration in New York. Tall buildings in Monaco come under a special set of …

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New yellow Ambulances for the Principality

Old and New models

New yellow ambulances are now operating in the Principality. The new ambulance is part of an intervention vehicle replacement plan. A yellow colour was chosen to distinguish the emergency vehicles from private ambulances and state-of-the-art medical equipment has been installed to better care for victims. Colonel Tony Varo, Chief of the Fire Department said that the colour is a tool …

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Train delays and traffic nightmares between Nice and Monaco


Traffic delays for trains and road vehicles between Nice and Monaco have become a headache for employers.  Monegasque bosses support employees who arrive late from Nice, but they are asking the PACA region to finally deal with this problem. Philippe Ortelli, president of the federation of Monegasque companies, said that the delays should no longer be happening and that solutions …

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Charles Leclerc honoured by Communal Council

Charles Leclerc Honoured

Recently, Monaco driver Charles Leclerc, Formula 2 World Champion 2017, was honoured by Mayor Georges Marsan and nine of his deputies and councillors. Before giving him a trophy symbolizing his World Championship title, the mayor said that Charles Leclerc’s victory not only confirms his driving skills, but also his hard work and desire to achieve his goals. Since his debut …

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