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The review of Monaco’s playgrounds

There are several beautiful playgrounds spread around different parts of Monaco, and knowing their locations will be useful for both the guests and the locals. Some playgrounds can be compatible with promenades for adults, so you might be able to enjoy the entire joy of happy parenthood being left in peace while your offsprings are playing on the slides accompanied by the like-minded ones.

Let us begin from the upper playground located in Monaco-Ville, a playground next to the Palace, which is hard to spot at a first glance.

This is a wonderful place with a soft rubber carpet, perfectly clean with a panoramic view at Fontvieille. The benches are avilable in the shadow of the trees for you to relax. Locals are rare here, but the tourists’ children are rushing back and forth in a cheerful international crowd. It is easy to get here: take bus number one or two, and go until the last stop. Walk towards the direction of the Palace, and descend downhill to the left from the Palace Square.


Place d’Аrmes
Also referred to as the Market Square, this playground is located next to the busy roundabout in Condamine. While the parents are at the market or are drinking coffee at the square, the children can play in their plain view. Many local kids come here in the evenings with their scooters and balls.
Buses number one, two, four, five, and six, basically all buses, stop at this namesake bus stop.


Place des Moulins
This is a Trocadéro playground in a small garden square, spacey, and cozy. A lively community of moms and nannies stays here during the day, sitting in shadow on the benches at the playground’s perimeter; almost everyone knows each other. This is one of the few playgrounds in Monaco with the stable operation hours, and is closed at 6 – 7 PM for the night, depending on the season. You can get here by buses one and two, and descend at the namesake bus stop.


A smaller and less busy playground is located across the street from Chateau Perigord, not far away from the Annonciade skyscraper in the bd d’Italie district. Kids of any age, from the most little to big ones, can play here. The entertainment choice is small, though the playground is always open. If anyone thinks it is too noisy at Trocadéro (Place des Moulins), this playground has fewer visitors. It is likely to be the most comfortable choice for the most little children, so that bigger kids do not push them down. The playground has benches in the shadow.

Larvotto Beach
Most visitors of Monaco know this playground, since in summer all the roads lead to the sea. You can find this oasis of child’s happiness in the very end of the beach. It has a ship-shaped slide. The playground is pretty shadowy, which is a perk in summer days. There are places to get a snack nearby, and such small pleasures of life as ice cream are available in abundance. Check out our review on Larvotto life to learn more about beaches.

You can get here by bus number six, and descend at the Plages bus stop.


Jardin Exotique – Parc Princesse Antoinette
This place consists of several fascinating playgrounds for children of different ages, and a sport field for teenagers in the park with the view to the city and the Palace. They have a zoo corner here, where goats and rabbits live (and allow to be petted through the fence). The garden consists of several lanes, which are well taken care of, they also have a golf course here, and an open summer café.
You can get here by bus number two, and leave at the Rotondes bus stop. The park is open at 8:30 AM and is closed at 7:00 PM in summertime (and at 5:30 PM in winter). The guards ensure order here, and it is them who give out play balls at the kids’ requests (knowledge of French is a must). There are a fountain with drinking water, and bathrooms, – in other words one can spend the entire day here.



This is the most parochial of all the children’s playgrounds, which of course is related to the fact that Fontveille itself is a bedroom community district. Little children play separately from the big ones, which is comfortable. Unfortunately there is no shadow to hide away from the sun, which is why the playground is empty on hot days. The rosary of Princess Grace, due to reopen in June 2014 makes one’s visit here even more interesting.
You can get here by buses number five and six, and stop at Roseraie.


Which playground do you and your child like most of all? Leave us a comment – our readers would like your opinion!

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