Seafront Extension project: security zone at Portier
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Seafront Extension project
Seafront Extension project. Photo source: Monaco Matin

Seafront Extension project: security zone at Portier

Construction has begun for the urbanization of the sea front: the necessary installation of a perimeter in the bay to prevent navigation, fishing and diving.

In the Portier cove, the real estate future of Monaco is in progress with the construction of a maritime safety zone was at the site of the future platform. A sovereign ordinance published in the Official Gazette on the 3rd of February has declared the area as part of a sanctuary, the eastern section is part of ​​the Larvotto Marine Reserve and the western section is part of the Spélugues. In the perimeter indicated with yellow buoys, it is now forbidden to sail. In addition, fishing, swimming and scuba diving are also prohibited.

Preparatory construction until September

A 60-metre strip offshore beyond the yellow buoys was reclassified as a “no-mooring area” as part of the Larvotto Marine Reserve, up until the Spélugues Coral Reef.

Preparatory phase to begin rock removal with an excavator in April – “Then, until August, the marine sediments will be dredged. First, polluted sediments will be removed onshore to a treatment centre, and then other sediments will be immersed offshore in the territorial waters of Monaco. Then, from September onwards, the embankment which be the base for the caissons will be set up,” confirms to the governmental cell Urbamer, which supervises the project, specifying that at this stage there is no delay on the overall timetable.

5-metrehigh sound wall

For pedestrians on land, this first phase coincides with new developments at the Portier roundabout and the surrounding area.

“Depending on the sequence of construction, if necessary, alternative routes will be put in place to ensure the safety of pedestrians. The Promenade of Champions will be accessible until the end of 2019, it will then be closed to allow the continuation of the works,” explains an Urbanier employee.

The Japanese garden will remain open. At the same time, the installation of a 5-metre high sound-screen is in progress between the Portier and the end of the Grimaldi Forum, “This phonic wall will be maintained as long as possible until the completion of the works.” The Minister of State recently highlighted to the press that one of government’s major concerns for the seafront extension project is to minimize nuisance for the local residents and the environment.  Concerning the latter case, a group of experts was formed to ensure that the environmental conditions around the site were as satisfactory as possible. The first ecological work began in the autumn and must be completed in the spring.

Bouygues Public Works has renounced transporting 2 million tons of rubble from Revest

Bouygues Public Works had planned to collect 2 million tons of rubble in the Var quarry. But transport fears have forced them to backtrack.

Revest quarry
Revest quarry. Photo source:

Last autumn, Bouygues announced that the embankment stones which will sit on the platform of the seafront extension would come from the Revest quarry in Var. Since then, the project has been in full swing in several municipalities bordering the construction site. Fears from several elected representatives and associations in the region announced a rate of 500 passing trucks per day for nine months on the 17 kilometer stretch between the quarry of Revest and The Port of Brégaillon to transport the 1.2 million tons of material on a boat which would then head to Monaco by sea.

Moving to Italy?

Bouygues Public Works withdrew the first phase of the Revest project. “This phase brought many constraints in the urbanized zone,” explains Christophe Hirsinger, director of the seafront extension project with Bouygues.

Var. Photo source:

The second phase, which consists of transporting 800,000 tons of material from April 2018 until October 2019, is currently maintained at a less dense rate. “It is not the elected ones who have given up. It is a collective effort to find the best solution for everybody to realize the operation”. Bouygues is currently discussing with several quarrying companies, notably in Italy, to insure this contract and the delivery of stones to start in July.

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