Two death in Monaco and Nice
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Maeva Loubry’s funeral

Two death in Monaco and Nice

Tragic death of Teen from Nice: Maeva’s Dangerous Relationship

Influenced by a 34-year-old man, Maeva, 17, tried to run from police by escaping from a balcony. She fell to her death.

Maeva Loubry’s funeral was last Saturday in Nice-Nord.  The church of Saint-Jean-l’Evangéliste is located just opposite the modest HLM apartment where the teenager lived with her mother, her dog and her three cats on boulevard Comte-de Fallicon. On Friday, the 25th of November, at around 10 am, Maeva tried to escape from an apartment she was squatting in with an adult who had become her companion. A police patrol had been alerted by a neighbour, who heard noise from the dwelling, which was supposed to be vacant, in a quiet residence on Walrose Avenue. Mohamed, 34, WTC driver, managed to escape first through the balcony. Maeva followed him before perilously falling four stories in front of traumatized witnesses.

 Only Child

Maeva Loubry
Maeva was pulling away from her cousin, whom she was so close to, her godmother and her mother…

Marilyne Loubry, the teen’s mother, is still in shock about her daughter’s brutal and strange death. In the living room, her TV cabinet has transformed into an altar: beside a picture of the mischievous teenager, with an American cap tilted on her head, there is a ceramic angel, a judo belt and a bouquet of white roses. Marilyne Loubry burst into tears: “When I first came to the hospital, I understood. I did not recognize Maeva, her face was so damaged. She had such beautiful hair.” Unemployed hair-dresser and a mother grieving for the loss of her only daughter, she is trying to snap out of what she calls “a nightmare.” A woman angered by the 34-year-old man who endangered Maeva and against whom she has filed a complaint. Mohamed S. has been incarcerated since the tragedy, charged for possession of 100 g of cannabis, the theft of a neighbour’s suitcase in Valrose and harbouring a minor. Married, father of a family, he will be put on trial on the 23rd of December by the criminal court. He is currently in pre-trial detention. “He asks me to forgive him but how can I forgive him?” asks Marilyne Loubry.

Absent Student

Marilyne Loubry waits for justice, holding one of Maeva’s cuddly toys to her heart. She knows the sentence for the accused (one year for harbouring a minor) won’t add up to the drama she has experienced. She wants his responsibility recognized, he who has lured a vulnerable teenager without a father.

“It’s been three years, I think, that he’s been seeing my daughter,” explains Maryline Loubry. “He had her under his spell. When he called her, nothing else mattered, not even me.”A fragile mother, a father absent since childhood, an agressive step-father… Maeva experienced a chaotic childhood in the throes of trying to find out where she fit in her own home. Her mother thinks that her daughter’s lover was dealing within the vicinity of her home. That is how they would have met. “Maeva  didn’t want me to shelter her. She ran away from home several times,” remembers Maryline Loubry. A student at the Escoffier high school in Cagnes-sur-Mer, Maeva dreamed of being a waitress in Paris. “She believed in life and love,” Maryline Loubry added. “School absences were becoming more frequent. His visits to her apartment in Nice-Nord more and more infrequent. She was pulling away from her cousin, whom she was so close to, her godmother and me… No one counted except him. She followed him like a shadow,” remembers Maryline Loubry, who warned her daughter about this dangerous affair.

Maeva did not listen. She was madly in love to the point of following this man to the end of the world and to the end of her life.

Fatal accident on Boulevard Rainier-III

A dramatic traffic accident killed a 24-year-old Monegasque man a few days ago on the night between the 1st and 2nd of December. The young man, an employee of the casinos of Société des Bains de Mer, was riding his scooter along Boulevard Rainier-III past midnight when he was the victim of an accident.

casinos of Sociétédes Bains de Mer
An employee of the casinos of Sociétédes Bains de Mer was killed in a traffic accident.

An Open Investigation

Found unconscious by public services, who quickly responded to the accident, the young man was treated on the spot before being urgently transported to the resuscitation department of the CHU of Nice. Unfortunately, he did not survive his injuries. According to preliminary findings, the driver could have lost control of his two-wheeled vehicle. Police opened an investigation to try to clarify the circumstances of the accident in the absence of witnesses and other vehicles.

Source: MonacoMatin

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