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From the court - crime news

From the court: crime news

Banned from the territory, one month in prison

An Estonian woman has been banned from the territory for having caused trouble several times over the past year. She was already sentenced to 10 days’ probation, which she will now serve in addition to the one month. She seemed to change several times the version of her story in court, regarding the fact that she refused to pay a Taxi who dropped her off drunk one evening in front of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel, and caused quite a public scene.

They swindled 170.000EUR worth of casino chips: 1-year prison sentence.

In March 2009 two Italian men (a father in-law with his son-in-law) tried their luck in Monaco. Their scam was in regards to the purchasing of the betting chips in the casino belonging to the SBM. Their scam was simple, no need for high tech or advanced methods of fraud. They would each in turn go to the teller to purchase chips, handing in blank cheques from the bank, which would be filled in at the end of the evening (it goes without saying that they let everyone know that they intended to spend a lot of money). Over the course of the evening, the movement of the two men was caught on camera, and the total debt came up to 100.000 EUR for the one con-artist, and 70.000 EUR for the other. When the time came to pay up, they filled in the blanks, but made errors, so they had to tear up the cheques and start over again, and subtly changed the amount owed. Of course, the new cheques being the last ones in their cheque books. All in all, they ended up signing letters of “I owe you” to the SBM. They never paid the sum back, and have argued their way out of having to pay, using excuses such as the SBM putting pressure on them to gamble. The court has ruled and sentenced them to 1 year in jail each, and a fine of 180.000 EUR.

A Fine for insulting and threatening a financial advisor at the Post Office.

A Mauritian woman in her sixties was fined 500 Euros and a further 1000 Euros to be paid to the victim. On the 11th Marth, a Mauritian lady walked into the bank to drop off a cheque into her account, and then transfer this same amount to another of her account. Unfortunately, the operation wasn’t as simple, so the teller explained the necessary steps to do this. The Accused then burst into a tirade of angry verbal insults. The court saw that the accused was a very arrogant lady, even during the trial. The sentence was harsh since the accused showed no remorse or signs of being apologetic.

A fine for Insulting a Public Servant

The accused is Monaco resident. He allegedly parked at a bus stop, and on his return to his vehicle, his vehicle was in the process of being loaded onto a tow-away truck. Here the man flew into an immense verbal rage, and threatened the civil servant that he would ensure that he would lose his job the next day. In court, the accused denied the verbal violence, also saying that the bus stop was no longer in use. Following all the statements heard, the court ruled that the accused would be fined 5.000 EUR and a further 200 EUR to be paid to the victim.

Source: Monaco Matin

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