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From the court: fraud at the post

In Fontvieille, an employee defrauded the administration by not sticking the correct value of stamps on letters. She managed to take 5500 euros between 2013 and 2016.

A post woman in Fontvieille had found a trick to boost her income. She defrauded the postal administration by using stamps. The employee would ask for the correct pricing for a client to send a letter to a recipient. But she did not stick the corresponding value in stamps on the letter. About 5,500 euros were stolen in this manner between the years 2013 and 2016. Consequences? At the time of her appearance before the Criminal Court, this woman in her forties was sentenced to two months suspended prison sentence and a fine of 1000 euros.

“Clients were not harmed”

The scheme was finally discovered on the 1st of April, 2016. During a check-up at the Fontvieille agency, a registered letter which bore no postage was discovered. The agent who handled that specific letter was investigated and later acknowledged the facts.

Subsequently, the investigation showed that some of the stamps were resold “cash in hand”. Not to mention substantial gains through the use of overpriced stamps and prepaid products. “Can you estimate the number of fraudulent transactions?“, asked President Jérôme Fougeras Lavergnolle. “No,” replied the accused, apologizing, “I did not calculate. I needed money. “

The magistrate tried to convey the amount in damages. “How much do you value the amount taken?” A brief silence. – “The resale allowed me to gain between 3000 euros and 3500 euros,” said the accused. “Today, I have found a more unstable job.” To the interests of the post office, Mo Alexis Mancilla from the Bar of Nice described “a civil party who is terribly affected. This lady was dismissed with allowances to take into account her family situation. Today, before the hearing, the defense gave me a check for 5518 euros. Our calculations estimate a total of 9918 euros are owed. We ask for the difference plus 1000 euros for legal fees.”

“An accident”

Prosecutor Olivier Zamphiroff did not have the same sympathy for the accused. “This breach of trust, by diverting stamps to resell them and save a small pot of money, must be sanctioned. I propose two months’ imprisonment and a fine.

The defense then excelled in sensitivity and emotionality to soften the judges. “My client had twenty-five years of service and a comfortable salary,” said Mo Deborah Lorenzi Martarello. “When did she derail? Following the incarceration of her son! She had to send money! These are the reasons for her accident of course. Today, she juggles three-month employment contracts. Please allow her to benefit from her status as a first-time offender.”

In spite of the sensitive defense, the court stuck to the requests of the public prosecutor.

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