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From the court : weekly news

He terrified his wife and children.

A 32-year-old man was condemned recently by the court to 18 months’ suspension, 3 years of irreproachable behaviour and a 2000 EUR fine to each of the victims. The accused was sentenced, following incidences in 2012 of domestic violence towards his wife, daughter and step-daughter, which escalated in severance over a period of time. The incidences were finally reported by one of the daughters in 2014 when she broke down and explained everything in school. Social services followed up on the reports and the mother admitted to the domestic violence suffered, by her and her daughters. The accused made an attempt at making the case seem not as terrible as the reality, and seeing that was not really taken seriously, he mentioned a traumatised childhood filled with corporal punishments and extreme discipline from his father and grandmother. The trauma of the girls who are frightened of the father, determined the outcome of the court battle.

The False Interior designer fined for 10.000 EUR

In the Principality of Monaco, if one wants to be an Interior designer, one needs to have official authorisation from the State. Without this authorisation, one risks criminal charges. An Italian man from Rome has been fined 10.000 EUR for declaring interior design work between 2013 and 2014 under the trading name of “Italian Concept”, without having obtained the necessary authorisation from the State. The accused was using the prestige of the location (which was a simple post box in Monaco), a well-branded name “Italian Concept” to scam people. When questioned, he would declare that he was in the process of purchasing the well-known firm. Although he has no criminal charges in France or Monaco in the past, he has already 4 charges against him in Italy for Bankruptcy and a ban on being able to have a business for a period of ten years. The court established that his scam was tarnishing the image of businesses in Monaco, but the law for such circumstances only established sentences in form of fines. A heavy fine was thus inflicted, to make an example.

Cannabis… a few grams too much

Monaco is known for its zero tolerance to drugs. Never did the 2 accused ever think they’d be charged for a few grams of cannabis resin found in their pockets. The first, a 20-year-old Frenchman had 11g in his possession, and the second, was an unemployed Portuguese man, with less than 1g. They were both fined 700 EUR and 150 EUR respectively, after having been controlled by a routine control outside the Jardin Exotique. The accused explained that they had bought their cannabis in Nice, and were on their way to Menton via Monaco, when they were stopped. They seemed to be unaware that the zero tolerance was so strict in Monaco. Needless to say that they have learnt their lesson.

A Car Valet beats Up a Colleague over tips

On the 29th of December, at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel, there was quite an unheard of event: a real punch-up between 2 valets, over a 10 Euro tip. The first valet received a 10-euro tip from a client and pocketed the note, whilst the second valet noticed this and in a gentlemanly manner told him to put the note in the common tip jar, as is the tradition. For some unknown reason, the valet did not appreciate the remark, lost the plot, and proceeded to beat his colleague up to a pulp. Seems like the victim was having a difficult time, as we hear that he had to attend his mother’s funeral, with a swollen and bruised face. The accused played down the gravity of the brawl, but being absent on the day of the sentencing, the surveillance camera footages were taken into account being the most accurate evidence of the fight and its severity. The accused was fined 15000 Euros to cover the costs and trauma, and sentenced to 15 days in jail.


Cat-burglar Sentenced to 3 years Jail

A 25-year-old Romanian thief has been sentenced to 3 years jail, and there is a warrant of arrest in his name. His activities spanned 1 year, between February 2015 and January 2016, this agile man, broke into several homes in the Principality, breaking windows and doors and making a quick escape with a maximum amount of loot. Unfortunately, most of the charges were dropped as there hardly any of the victims could provide proof of the value of the looted goods (jewellery, paintings, watches, mobile phones and more). The investigation, after collection of fingerprints, was a slow and meticulous one, resulting in being able to draw up his portrait. Following the investigations, it has also been established that he is known in Europe for being a really agile thief, and is known to Interpol. There is hope yet to catch him so that he can do his time!

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