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Gerard Spinelli, mayor of Beausoleil, with lawyers

“Clean hands”: Up to 5 years?

2 years recommended sentence for Monegasque promoters and the Marzocco brothers; 3 years suspended for the mayor of Beausoleiland 5 years for Lino Alberti.

Up to 5 years: the sentences recommended by two public prosecutors. Some weaknesses in the case make it difficult to understand the roles of the 11 people accused as reported Gregory Leclerc from Nice Matin.

This week in Marseille, a case named “Clean hands”, made several trips around the world. Tobago, Panama, the British Virgin Islands, Switzerland, Delaware: a tour of tax havens. These countries held accounts used by René Vestri’s family, the late Mayor-of-Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Olivia, his daughter and Lucette, his widow, managed an immense inheritance: some accounts holding more than one million euros. Two prosecutors, Ludovic Leclerc and Sophie Mercier, split the case in the 6th chamber of the correctional court, reported MonacoMatin.

Clean hands case

The “cleans hands” case isn’t like a neat drawer full of organized files. It is more like a dark and crowded room full of dirty laundry. “There are a number of difficulties,” admits the prosecutor, Ludovic Leclerc, in his opening statement. “Many doors were opened which were never closed.” In other words, a confusing case. He says he must rely on a “cluster of clues.” The audience is shocked when Eric Dupond Moretti (one of three lawyers for the Marzocco brothers and Monegasque entrepreneurs) responds with an ironic thumbs up. The audience grumbles, showing their disapproval and creating a scene at the end of Ludovic Leclerc’s statement. The prosecutor then mutters something inaudible, but refuses to repeat it despite furious demands from Dupond Moretti.

In a clear voice, the second prosecutor, Sophie Mercier, describes a man from the chaotic case: Lino Alberti. A septuagenarian with a mane of grey hair, she calls him an important character. In fact, he is the corner stone of the case. “He contributed to the rotting of Beausoleil’s and Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat’s ecomomies,” the prosecutor says. Sophie Mercier paints a dangerous man, meeting with heads of local mafia. The two prosecutors proceed to describe the web of corruption, which, according to them, links the eleven defendants. They recommend a sentence of not less than 2 and up to 5 years in jail. They describe a scheme made up of small arrangements between friends, businessmen, politicians and suitcases full of cash.

Gerard Spinelli, mayor of Beausoleil, with lawyers
Gerard Spinelli, mayor of Beausoleil, with lawyers

“Gerard, yes, but which one? Was Gerard Spinelli, mayor of Beausoleil, among the corrupt? Yes,” says the prosecution. For the public prosecutor, this was the “Gérard” written by hand on one of the envelopes of cash found at Lino Alberti’s place. “No way!” responds his lawyer, Francois-Xavier Vincesini. He recalls that in his seedy accounting, discovered by investigators, Lino Alberti always called the mayor of Beausoleil “Spinelli” and used “Gérard” for another man in the case, who is not currently under investigation (Editor’s note: we cannot publish his name). “Alberti regularly transferred the other Gérard hundreds of thousands of euros. So much so,” says the lawyer, “that when a meeting brings the two Gérards together, Lino Alberti wrote in his diary: rendez-vous Gérard-Spinelli. Distinguishing between the two men.You have nothing against Gerard Spinelli,” says the lawyer, requesting his release. What will be revealed by the end of this case? Aquestion which was floating around the court room where, except in the case of Lino Alberti, only suspended sentences were recommended. “An admission of weakness”, says Francois-Xavier Vincesini. The hearing continues. It will take the court a lot of deliberating to sort it out.
The Recommended Sentences-
– 3-5 years for Lino Alberti, 1 million euro fine.
– 3 year suspended sentence, 65,000 euro fine for the mayor of Beausoleil, Gerard Spinelli.
-3 year suspended sentence for Olivia Vestri, daughter of the mayor of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, prohibited from management for 5 years.
-3 years for Lucette Vestri, widow of the Senator Mayor of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
-2 years suspended, 100000 euros fine each, for Paolo and Claudio Marzocco, Monegasque entrepreneurs.
-2 years suspended sentence for Silvio Perlino and 100,000 euro fine.
-18 months for Raffaele Vanacore and prohibited from management for 5 years.
-1 year suspended for Christophe Marty and 300,000 euros fine.
-6 months suspended and 45,000 euro fine for Giuseppe Malaguarnera.
-A guilty verdict is required for all of the eleven accused, but can have an exemption from punishment. In addition, the prosecutor demanded the seizure of liquid assets and six-zero offshore bank accounts from the Vestri family.

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