Crime News: Smoking Cannabis in Prison and Leaving without Paying
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Crime News: Smoking Cannabis in Prison and Leaving without Paying Cases

Smoking Cannabis in Prison: 6 more months

A young man, incarcerated in prison, went to the disciplinary council on the 24th of March 2016 for having smoked cannabis during a regulatory walk. This led the culprit to the correctional court where he was sentenced to return to prison for six more months.

The case began in the courtyard of the detention facility Du Rocher where the inmate went for a walk between four walls, fences and barbed wire. Suddenly, a guard smelled a grassy scent and quickly suspected a detainee. They investigated and found the culprit holding a hashish cigarette. How was this possible in a place with such tight security? Thanks to a “mule”, his sister.

“With CCTV,” reports President Sébastien Biancheri, “we discovered a woman who supplied drugs to the prisoner when they met in the visiting area. It was later revealed to be the prisoner’s sister. On the day of her arrest, not only did the girl acknowledge having brought cannabis to her brother, at least four times, but she was also carrying several grams in her pockets…” Under questioning, the detainee confirmed how he obtained the illicit substance. He even unsuccessfully attempted to blame a supervisor. His French criminal record includes a dozen convictions since 2001 with several sentences of imprisonment. At the date of the hearing, the accused had already left prison. But he preferred to flee the Principality rather than be present in court for his trial. The prosecutor, Cyrielle Colle, launched a methodical plea. “The facts are extremely serious. It is trafficking of narcotics in prison along with blackmail and threats. Faced with these accusations, you have to be punished. Four months in prison.” After deliberation, the sentence was even more severe: six months. Will his sister suffer a similar fate?

SBM Foots the Bill for Chief Financial Officer

Café de Paris
A 33 year-old Dutchman left the Café de Paris without paying

There is a growing list of misdemeanors in Monegasque establishments. This offense is based on a customer’s firm desire not to pay his bill at a restaurant, the fraudster, if sentenced, will have to be satisfied with prison food for a fortnight.

A 33 year-old Dutchman, on the 15th of November at 6:20 pm, arrived at the Café de Paris. He was served appetizers, lobster, several glasses of champagne and expensive whiskey. Satisfied and drunk, he was unable to pay the score of 665 euros.

“When the police arrived,” said President Magali Ghenassia, “The mister was very agitated. It was not the first time. He was arrested for identical acts on the 11th of November for an unpaid bill of 1280€ to the Hermitage, where he ordered champagne Cristal Roederer at 800 €.”

This will be the subject of a forthcoming trial. “Do you have a drinking problem?” The defendant replied in the affirmative with the consequences of immense delirium.  “As I was drunk, the police drove to the hospital for testing. I did not have enough money. I wanted to go to the Netherlands consulate to ask for money. But …” The prosecutor Olivier Zamphiroff will end the nonsense. “This procedure demonstrates facts of leaving without paying. This man has money that we’ve never seen.”

For the night of the 11th of November, arguments were similar. “He was released with a citation in March. Here you have a person who decided to have fun in the SBM’s establishments. He’s a first-time offender. But he must not believe in impunity. Yes to a month of imprisonment. ”

The defense is wondering whether this charge was justified. “Is this the case of a person who is absolutely unable to pay or who is determined not to pay?” Says Raphaelle Svara. “No! My client says he has money and he did not dodge the a bill of 665€.” The court sentenced the man to fifteen days in prison.

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