​​Drunk driver hits restaurant terrace​ in Monaco​
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Drunk Driver
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​​Drunk driver hits restaurant terrace​ in Monaco​

A drunk driver destroyed the terrace of the Chinese restaurant Song Qi in Monaco at dawn without hurting anyone, miraculously. It was thankfully an accident without any injured people involved, though the driver must surely be regretting his actions.

The evening had to have started well for this British citizen who had been drinking heavily for quite a while, but what started as a fun time very nearly ended in tragedy at the Larvotto. This Saturday morning at around 6 am, the driver completely ruined the terrace of the Chinese restaurant Song Qi, at 7 Avenue Princess Grace in Monaco, leaving it in a heap of rubble.

At the wheel of a van-type vehicle, the Briton made a lurch at the terrace, which could have been fatal to him. Luckily, the accident occurred at dawn and no pedestrian was injured.

Placed in a cell to sober up in police custody, the man had a rate of 2 grams of alcohol in his blood, with the ethylometre. The intervention of the firemen was not necessary, the driver being unscathed.

Chinese restaurant Song Qi in Monaco
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The icing on the cake was that the vehicle had been stolen only a few hundred meters away, in front of the building L’Estoril, from a delivery man of a bakery-pastry company.

The accident caused a slowdown in traffic for two hours.This time was needed, in particular, to clear the numerous pieces of debris thrown onto on the main route of the Larvotto. As for the boss of the Song Qi restaurant, he rejoiced on social media that luckily no one was injured and congratulated his team for having succeeded the feat of reopening the establishment for the Saturday noon service.

So despite the drunk driver having destroyed the terrace, this professional culinary team was still able to deliver great lunch service in the face of such a dramatic crash.

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