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From the court: alcohol problems

Drunk Man Kicks Scooter

The man from Beausoleil appeared overwhelmed. What was he afraid of? It wasn’t his first time in court. On the 12th of March, 2016 he was charged with: purposely damaging a scooter under the influence of alcohol. At 4:25 a.m., while returning from “La Rascasse”, he got angry and kicked over a scooter. “Police were alerted by a witness,” reports Sébastien Biancheri. “Officers noted that the scooter belonged to another person. Was it an act of vengeance? “

“Do you have an alcohol problem?”

The accused articulates his defense around a case of mistaken ownership. “I thought it was mine,” he said. “Because I could not get it started, I got angry. I explained this misunderstanding to the victim and after having had the quote for repairs, for an amount of 340 euros, I paid for the repairs and a lot more.” The magistrate then made an unexpected objection. “Indeed, that person withdrew his complaint. However, further away, another scooter had fallen over. Did you cause this as well? Do you have an alcohol problem?“

“I cannot answer you!” The man responded, “I do not know about the other scooter because I did not see anything. I do not have any particular problem with alcohol. I’m currently looking for a job.” But prosecutor Cyrielle Colle did not intend to let him off easily. “The error of displacing the scooter is inconsequential. We must condemn this man because he was going to commit an offense by driving under the influence of alcohol.”

This is what brought him to court with an 1800 euro fine with suspended sentence. The court opted to charge the man with a smaller fine of 800 euros.

Drunk Man Crashes Motorcycle

Handcuffed, the man from Beausoleil seems unaware of the seriousness of the case against him. His air is haggard, lost, perplexed. The 60-year-old was caught driving while intoxicated, with an alcohol level of 0.86 mg per litre of air in the breathalyzer test and double that amount in the blood test. The facts date back to Friday, the 11th of November, 2016. In the evening, police spotted a motorcyclist falling over under the Fontvieille tunnel. When he got up and left, rescue services did not intervene. But later, on Boulevard Albert, he hit a vehicle, and this time officials rushed to the scene, “How much did you have to drink on that night?” Asked Magali Ghenassia.

“Four beers!” Replied the accused. As the magistrate disapproved at the quantity declared, he added: “It’s because of the product I used to renovate my boat. Inhalation of the vapours made me groggy.” The accused explains: “I braked before hitting the car at the stop sign on the corner! I saw them too late. As for the fall, it’s because of the product.”

When she revealed the judicial history of the man, the magistrate began to doubt his remarks. “You have been convicted in Monaco and in France for the same offenses.” Olivier Zamphiroff, prosecution lawyer, said: “His testimony contradicts the facts. Not only have his previous convictions done nothing, but his behaviour is getting worse. I propose a penalty of six weeks in prison. In defense, Ms Raphaëlle Svara reacted spontaneously by describing the illness of her client and the uncertainty of his income. “This man lives only on unemployment benefits. A prison sentence would be a shock at his age. Give him one more chance! He has already promised to stop drinking.”

In the end, the court sentenced the defendant to 15 days in prison and a 45€ fine.

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