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From the court: crime news

From the court: crime news

6 months Jail for having Stashed cannabis in the rectum.

Back in April 2014, 3 young men were stopped in Monaco and following a search, 140g of cannabis resin was found in their possession. After a further search at the police station 100g more were found in one of the mens’ rectum. They were condemned at the time to 5 months and 6 months respectively, but at the end of their sentences, the court has deemed fit to extend their punishment.

Increase of Price in a restaurant: Waiter gets assaulted.

A young man from Monaco, in his thirties, failed to appear in court for having assaulted a waiter due to an increase in prices in the restaurant. Apparently, the young man was a regular client, and in this incident, he had ordered a few drinks, when he received the bill, he noticed the prices had increased and was not happy about this at all. The waiter in a courteous manner gave the client a substantial discount, and even so, the client lost the plot, insulted the waiter, and caused some damage by throwing items at the waiter and breaking things. The accused has a history for drinking and driving as well as being bad tempered. He was sentenced to 1 months’ probation as well as a 3000 Euro fine, and other fines to a value of 1200 Euros.

Depressed, a resident assaults 2 policemen

In April, during a routine patrol, a 38-year-old Frenchman who resides in Monaco, was seen dosing off on a bench in Fontvieille. The policemen proceeded to wake him up gently, which startled the man who went into a tirade of insults, necessitating reinforced support to take him into the station. The man was present in court and was very apologetic. His reasons being that he was depressed and was under the influence of medication, at the time of the incident. He has no criminal record, and is currently unemployed. The court ruled in favour of the most lenient sentence: 800 Euro fine.

5000 EUR fine for having written out 18834 Euros worth of blank cheques

A French woman in her fifties was sentenced to paying a fine of 5000 Euros for having written out 3 cheques for the purchase of a car (purchase was made to a friend). The accused woman drove the newly acquired vehicle for 1 year before finally writing out 3 cheques to the victim, to the value of the car. Only problem, there was insufficient funds on the account, so the victim has still not received a dime. A cheque is an official means of payment and must be honoured. On top of the 5000 Euros, the accused must pay 21000 Euros to the civil party.

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