From the court: drunk Russian journalist and a fight on the road
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From the court: drunk Russian journalist and a fight on the road

€1,300 Fine for a Black Eye

Sentenced to pay an €800 fine, plus €500 to the complainant, for a black eye?! Does the perpetrator regret muscling his way through such trivial dispute? The victim claimed reparations due to not being able to work for three days. The accused did not show up for the trial. However, the judge ruled in favour of the victim, and the victim was able to obtain compensation. This case shows that there are probably plenty of missed, lucrative opportunities for victims of slaps and scrapes! On February 25th, there was a delivery truck traffic on a main road in Monte Carlo. A motorist swerved his car into the left lane to avoid blocking traffic. Then, a scooter driven by the victim, just missed crashing into the car. The crash was narrowly avoided and there were no accidents or injuries. But things did not end there: tempers flared, followed by insults, and then violence! A slap on the wrist when the accused is still at the wheel.

21 Days in Jail for a Russian Journalist

A freelance Russian journalist has been handcuffed and sent to jail for driving while intoxicated. His blood-alcohol levels were 2.76g per litre, which is extremely high. The man in question, left his temporary residence in Beaulieu-sur-Mer to spend the evening in Monaco. He wanted to soothe his soul and obscur fears instilled by one of his professional projects. So he headed to the trendy part of the Principality located on the shores of Port Hercule: La Rascasse.
There, he dispelled his gloomy and depressed mood with many cocktails for many hours.
When he got back into his vehicle, he carried a bottle of champagne, which he drained and left empty on the seat beside him. He was finally intercepted by police after dangerously swerving through the streets of Monaco.

During his Police inspection, he is so drunk that he couldn’t even blow into the breathalyzer. The man from Moscow was then transported to Police headquarters where a blood sample showed excessive rates of alcohol in his blood. “I’m sorry. I don’t remember what happen, so I cannot confess to the crime,” said the man in question. Prosecutor Cyrielle Colle stated that “behavior like his is very dangerous. Even if he is a first-time offender, we must condemn him to a term of twenty-one days in prison. “

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