From the court: Eight days in jail for a Broken Nose
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From the court: Eight days in jail for a Broken Nose

Has the Monegasque learned from his mistakes? Because the altercation described to the Correctional Court whitch happened on the 26th June, the man on trial still does not seem to be able to distinguish the difference between resentment and impulsive violence. That day, at around 5 am, at the Yacht Club, he punched the victim in the face.

Transported to the Princesse Grace Hospital Center, she was forced to take a six-day leave of absence for a broken nose. Why? The accused did not accept a mocking laugh from her because the SBM employee was holding his daughter’s bag in his hand.

Jérôme Fougeras Lavergnolle lectures the culprit. “You should have gone your way! Or called a policeman. Did you react that way because your blood alcohol level was 0.78 mg per litre?”

The man in his forties responded, “These people were menacing. So I struck the one who insulted me… I’m not usually violent, but I do not just let things go…” The victim’s version of events is very different. “I didn’t mean anything indecent by laughing, rather good-natured! On the other hand, this individual told us that we were not Monegasque and we had to go back to France. He punched me and I did not fight back. We called the police because I was bleeding…” Obviously, the accused refutes this version of the incident: “These people hit me and I fell to the ground. So I asked them to leave.”

Alexis Marquet, reframes the incident. “Besides the threats, the aggression was confirmed by two friends.   The defendant has great difficulty containing himself when he drinks. If he loves foreigners, one can wonder how he would behave outside the territory of the Principality! My client must undergo surgical procedure, a nasal deviation which has not been taken care of. That is 4300 euros plus 1500 euros of damage.”

Prosecutor Cyrielle Colle will not smooth over the incident. “It is a shame to have such serious consequences for an inability to bear alcohol and frustration. The excuse of holding a girl’s bag does not explain it either! We can assume that the real cause was xenophobia! As prison would provoke serious professional worries, a penalty of twenty-one days is necessary.”

The final sentence was more lenient after hearing from the defence lawyer. “In this presentation of facts,” says Christophe Ballerio, “the civil prosecution party drapes itself in a mantle of innocence. They try to blame my client as much as possible. But, if he lost his composure after fifteen minutes of uninterrupted insults, one would understand his reaction… “. The court sentenced the accused to eight days of suspended imprisonment and a payment of 5100 euros for the victim.

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