From the court: false identification and children abuse
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Зал заседаний суда

From the court: false identification and children abuse

Presenting a false document to get a job in Maya Bay – one month suspended sentence.

A 40-year-old from Thailand thought he could mislead the Monegasque administration by using a false identity document to land a cooking job at the Maya Bay restaurant. The governmental laws regulating the conditions of employment are very strict and the deceit was quickly discovered. Called to appear before the Criminal Court for falsification, he was given one month’s suspended imprisonment, despite his absence from court.

A different name…

Back in June 2015, a cook was looking for a job in the restaurant industry. He was then informed of a job opening at Larvotto, a local Thai and Japanese restaurant. He introduced himself. In order to comply with Monaco regulations and the issuance of a work permit, the foreigner attempted to use a fraudulent French identity card, issued by the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture. Human resources from Maya Bay transmitted all the documents to Employment services.

But,” said President Jerome Fougeras Lavergnolle, “the same service also alerts Public Security because the supporting documents necessary for the identification and the declarations of employment were false. The number entered was attached to a different name. When questioned, the author acknowledged that he was offered to buy these documents by the people from his country.”

This man doesn’t have a criminal record. Prosecutor Olivier Zamphiroff appeared to be more in touch with the judicial situation of the accused. “Never condemned, with an identity that is unverifiable? In these sensitive times, making use of false documents can provide the opportunity to conceal one’s identity. The public has to feel safe on the territory of Monaco. Moreover, the offender is in possession of a title issued by an administration, which gave him rights and allowed him to work! So I’m not going to settle for less. He should have to go away for three or four months of suspended sentence!

Maya Bay cook false ID
False identification of Maya Bay cook

The court showed more tolerance by reducing the prosecution’s demands to one month.

Sixteen years in prison for the rapist from the DASS (Department of Health Affairs)

10 pm on Monday, the 21st of November at Monaco’s courthouse. C. had just been convicted of raping minors under the age of 16 and was sentenced to 16 years in prison. The evidence dates back to the early 2000s, when his wife was given authority to accommodate children placed by the DASS.

Five victims aged between 3 and 18 at the time of the incident (most were young) were heard via camera at the Criminal Court of Monaco since Monday, the 14th of November. The prosecution requested a 12-year sentence. The court, therefore went beyond the request, which is very rare. Gerard Baudoux, the lawyer for the rapist, intends to appeal within the next few days. The lawyers for the civil party consider “the decision justified.”

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