From the Court: Injuring Police Officers and Keying a Bentley
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Monaco Court House

From the Court: Injuring Police Officers and Keying a Bentley

Monaco’s Criminal Court Condemns Men from Ariane to1 year and 10 months in Prison

Two young people from Ariane have brutally beaten two policemen in civilian clothes on Saturday, the 14th of January near La Rascasse. To give an overview of the brutality with which the victims were hit, one of the officers suffered from multiple fractures, cranial and facial trauma. The officer cannot resume his work within the Police force, he has been issued 90 days of leave. The two defendants appeared before the criminal court, handcuffed. They were sentenced to one year and ten months in prison.

Emir Hakem and Adil Ferraq had chosen the Principality to celebrate his birthday.  Last Saturday, at around 4:20 am, at the exit of La Rascasse, they drank a lot. On the stairs that join the quay Albert-l, one of the two defendants, sufficiently heated by alcohol, threw an empty bottle of beer onto a small group of people, accompanied by insults. Two policemen in plain clothes noticed the beginnings of a possible incident and approached the scene to calm the situation.

broken beer bottle
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According to testimonies, things unraveled from there and the carnage began. Both officers were kicked and punched.

“Video surveillance made it possible to target those responsible by their distinct clothing,” said Prosecutor Florestan Bellinzona. “That’s why you’re in court. Why such violence?”

The accused responded with complete amnesia.

“We do not know who triggered the fight. We had been drinking a lot, but we are not violent. We do not remember anything.”

A sound demonstrating skepticism came from the magistrate.

“Each defendant had approximately 0.80 mg of alcohol per liter of blood each. But this is not a rate where the memory is completely blurred!”

A policeman, present at the time of the incident, tells a story of the incredible fury. Then, Richard Mullot, on behalf of the civil court, described the hateful attitude of “these amnesic and dangerous protagonists. Many are missing: There were six.

The accused were directly transferred from the court to the prison cell. It is rare that a fun night ends with shards of bottles and a weapon. Monaco is peaceful, if the police forces had not intervened so quickly, today we would be before the High Court. You must severely punish these two detainees, aged 22 and 23 years to the heavy judicial history. We claim for my client, who was the most injured, 15,000 euros and 5,000 euros for the other.”

“They came here to f*ck

Prosecutor Cyrielle Colle will recall the facts with chilling truthfulness. “These youngsters have come to Monaco to f*ck. It is unacceptable. They do not remember the facts? Because they do not want to assume their responsibilities.” Meanwhile, Jean-François Fouqué, from the Nice Bar, highlights the difficult childhood of his client, Emir Hakem and his break with society. “If he continues, we’ll find him in a gutter with a bullet in his head. Condemn him to a reprieve so he can answer in the cases which he is due to appear in shortly. Ms Jean-Denis Flori, also from the Nice Bar, defined the attitude of the other defendant, Adil Ferraq, as “serious and stupid. It is that of a kid. He was being silly by throwing the bottle. Prison will allow certain logic to be observed. He’s regretful. Be lenient.” The court will go beyond the requisitions of the public prosecutor. The civil parties will obtain respectively 5,000 euros and 1,500 euros.

Sentenced to a500 fine for Keying a Bentley

When a man invites a woman on a date, he must avoid making her pay for her share of the evening and he must above all never flirt with other girls present. A rich Monegasque financier learned this lesson the hard way and has paid the price. Or rather his car has paid the price.

Sass Café
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A 26-year-old woman found herself in court. The imputed facts date back to the 7th of December, 2014. The man, who is about thirty years old, spent the evening in an apartment with an old girlfriend who resides in Bandol. A man and a woman came to join the little party where the alcohol flowed. According to the accused, they also consumed cocaine. Euphoric and stimulated, at around 1 am, the small party decide to finish the night at ‘Sass Café’. After a few moments spent in the establishment, one of the men began flirting with some women in the café…

For revenge

In passing, Prosecuter Jérôme Fougeras-Lavergnolle notes: “If the mister was uninterested in his guests, it is because there is too much temptation in these places of relaxation.”

Keying Car
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But it is an affront to the two people of the opposite sex! Furious and humiliated, they left the trendy establishment on Avenue Princesse Grace. However, the businessman did not. This funny gentleman ran after them and when they join them, he has an audacious and impertinent reaction: he shows the €200 bill to the two young women so that they can pay for their consumption of alcohol. The defendant gets enraged. To take revenge on the suitor, she scratches his Bentley with a key.

“Because my client asked this lady to contribute to the drinks bill, to the tune of 150 euros”, insists Mo Christophe Ballerio, for the civil party, “she declares, in a very upset manner, that it will not happen, and she goes from there to the vehicle.

At about 4 am, the victim filed a complaint. At 1 pm, the offender is heard by the police. She recognized the facts. She was outraged by the behavior of the complainant.

Picture by Jeremy Selwyn

“What if she reacted this way with each crisis of anger? With amnesty, this woman would have a feeling of impunity. The costs incurred by my client must be reimbursed.”

For the prosecutor Alexia Brianti: “The offense is recognized, a penalty of a fine should be imposed. I’ll let you decide the amount.”

The court imposed a fine of 500€, suspended, and will award the victim the sum of 6,237€, which is the amount of the invoice for the car repair.

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