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From the court: nightlife crimes

Two recent tales of crime in Monaco paint a picture of one man’s consequences after excessive indulgence and a prostitute turned thief.

Trouble for Belgian family man after Champagne binge

This is the story of a drunken and aggressive Belgian, sentenced to four months suspended imprisonment by the criminal court for rebellion, contempt, violence and assault against two policemen.

On 27 May, this resident of Menton spent his evening in La Rascasse. As the hours passed, glasses of champagne began to add up. After his tenth drink, the man went off like a powder keg in the SBM establishment and triggered a huge fight after his inappropriate behaviour towards a customer: the 29 year-old man tapped his cigarette ash onto the chest of a young woman!

Security agents were alerted and arrived at the Port Hercules to restore order. But the troublemaker continued to behave with revolting brutality, as the officials struggled to bring him to Public Security. In the police vehicle the individual lashed out and threatened. On the premises, he refused to be screened for blood alcohol level and was extremely aggressive: four policemen were forced to come to immobilise and restrain him!

“Finally,” notes President Sébastien Biancheri, “after several hours, at 8:33, his rate was measured at: 0.53 mg/l. What was the rate when he was arrested?” The accused had no recollection of the altercation, stating: “I am stunned by this description of my inexcusable behaviour while in police custody. I had been drinking all day on a boat. I’m a family man. There is nothing more I can say…” The magistrate emphasised a disapproving attitude, “as you are a responsible head of a company. In January at Les Sables-d’Olonne, you exhibited similar behaviour.”

He is sorry and offers his apology

For the civil parties, Mr Hervé Campana regrets the loss of memory: “It is convenient and it cuts short any debate. My clients demand 800 euros for the assault and 500 euros for moral damage”. After situating the events at the F1 Grand Prix, prosecutor Cyrielle Colle reports: “You were lucky to be caught when others had done worse. You would be in the box. Such delinquency is unacceptable. Fortunately, the tens of thousands of people at the harbour did not begin fighting. The gentleman will go to prison during his holidays so as not to penalise him for fifteen to twenty days.

The defence was furious at the announcement of the requisitions but remained calm so as not to aggravate the debate. “Even if my client does not remember anything,” says Charles Lécuyer, “he is not trying to escape his responsibilities or to seek preferential treatment. He is sorry and he offers his apology. On leaving police custody, he went to a laboratory to try to find out if he had possibly been drugged. He cannot explain how he got into such a mess. We would prefer a heavy suspension with release on probation. He will commit to it…” It seems that the court trusted him by allowing a suspended sentence. But he will still have to pay 1,050 euros to the plaintiffs.

Jail time for a woman of the night

A Slovakian prostitute demonstrated some very special tricks at the Sass Café where she had taken up her summer quarters for the period of the Grand Prix. No sign that this had been a masterminded plan, but rather an unexpected and spontaneous act!

On 29 May, around 1:25, this “man-eater” took advantage of an altercation between two clients to steal from one of their pockets the substantial sum of 4,700 euros … in cash! Once separated, the antagonists left the establishment and demanded the check. A big surprise awaited the person fraudulently availed of his money. A small internal investigation was undertaken to target the prostitute turned pickpocket, as an employee of the Sass Café had witnessed the scene and told the story to the police. The woman in her forties was caught at the west end of the Larvotto perimeter…

However, yesterday at the hearing, it was impossible to hear directly from the accused, since she was absent. Then, President Sebastian Biancheri read the police report wherein the woman of the night disputes the facts, even to insinuate a challenge of the testimony. “She was under the influence of alcohol and she says she did not steal anything! The bundle of cash found in her bag is only the payment for her work, her proceeds. But there was a person present that night who testified to the contrary“.

Prosecutor Cyrielle Colle had highlighted the many cases mentioned in relation to the period of the F1 Grand Prix: Narcotics, fights, drunk driving, and now a theft coupled with this irrational attitude. Fortunately an employee witnessed the actions of this particular person. Given her disturbing behaviour and the reasons for her coming to Monaco to frequent late-night establishments, a three-month prison sentence would put an end to her nightly activities.

At the end of the deliberations, the court imposed a sentence of one month’s imprisonment.
One can only hope the perpetrators will learn from their experience. Sadly, this spike in incidents and crime appears to coincide with the revelry and excitement of the F1 Grand Prix in Monaco, but luckily they will not dampen the enjoyment for the many other attendees.

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