From the Court: Eight Days in Prison for Nanny and One Month for Drunk Driver
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From the Court: Eight Days in Prison for Nanny and One Month for Drunk Driver

Eight days in Prison for Nanny

The nanny stole a child’s smartphone.

We would refrain from being suspicious of a nanny, especially one in her seventies. A Monegasque couple had decided to entrust their boys to a child carer. But the recent court hearing showed that lax morals often lead to changes in professional relationships. Today, this retired Cannes woman who sought supplementary income is vilified, on the one hand, by the parents for having stolen a cell phone, and condemned, on the other hand, by the court to eight days imprisonment for the offense. So how did we go from anxiety to distrust, to the accusation of this elderly lady?

On the 8th of June, like every Wednesday, the nanny accompanied the two teenagers to dance school. Once the course was over, one of the kids was surprised that he couldn’t find his smartphone, and that evening he shared the news with his parents. Since these devices are equipped with ‘phone locaters’, the father opened the geolocation app on his mobile and the corresponding signal was emitted from Cannes, on the precise street where the nanny lived… The evidence was provided to Police.


“One of the children must have dropped it”

As the accused is absent at the hearing, Prosecutor Jérôme Fougeras Lavergnolle details the outline of the investigation. “At the dance school, we see recordings from the camera located at the entrance of the locker room. Over the corresponding duration, we see only one person entering: the nanny. When contacted, the nanny denied any fraudulent appropriation and affirms that she slept in Nice that evening with her daughter.”

The police insisted that the child carer will eventually return the mobile. She assuringly said: “I found it in my bag. One of the children must have dropped it in there.” But then the nanny disappeared from the radar and no longer responded to the summons of the investigators. “This lady is unfavourably known by the police and seems to live off of scams…” said the magistrate before giving the floor to the  days later that the accused found, amazingly, the phone in her bag,” summarizes prosecutor Cyrielle Colle. “Her bad faith prompted me to request two months of imprisonment with suspended sentence.” Faced with this attitude of absurd denial, the court opted for a sentence of eight days in prison by default.

Drunk Driver Hits Pedestrian: One Month in Prison

With traditional judicial vacations for end-of-year celebrations underway, only pre-trial detainees are appearing before the criminal court. The latest detainee was a woman. On the 19th of December, at around 7 pm, this thirty-five-year-old Hungarian was driving a Smart car, with an alcohol level of 1.47 mg per litre of air when she hit a lady at the Madone roundabout. The judges showed lenience for the accused because of her illness. She was sentenced to one month’s imprisonment with the benefit of a split sentence, i.e: four weekends spent in detention after the festive season.  Plus a fine of 45 euros. Handcuffed, this pretty blonde, a designer who is looking for work, is sad and in tears in the courtroom. That night, she consumed more than four glasses of vodka to forget her illness. The accused did not omit any details when questioned by Jérôme Fougeras Lavergnolle. “I did not see the woman crossing. She was dressed in dark clothes and it was a dark night with bad weather. I did not wear my glasses. When I worry, and I do, I drink. I’ve already been convicted in France…”

christmas drinks

If driving conditions were particularly difficult at the time mentioned, the prosecutor Cyrielle Colle does not obscure reality. “It’s a very complicated situation because of the drink, the drugs, the absence of glasses, the interventions that have taken place recently. But the victim was on a protected passage and the accused woman’s vehicle was in acceleration mode! The consequences could have been dramatic. I request a sentence of fifteen days imprisonment and a penalty of 45 euros.” The defense, Mr. Alice Pastor, moves the courtroom during his pleadings. “My client is in a daze. The context is dramatic. She underwent heavy treatment after a terrible operation for a woman. The side effects inflict myopia. So, there are times when she drinks. It’s Christmas! She had to visit her family to recharge her batteries. Do not put her behind bars. She could have a suspended sentence. And in case of imprisonment, postpone it until after the holidays so as not to increase her distress.” The court complied and awarded 800 euros to the civil party to pay for the expert’s fees.


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