One year jail for a violence
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One year jail for a violence

Apparently, the drunken state of the young 20-year-old Venezuelan apprentice waiter, is responsible for his rather violent moods.

On the 30th of April, during the “nuit blanche” festival, the young man once again, lost the control of his body, allowing it to tangle itself up into a frenzy. He ended up beating up someone who had come to help him in his drunken state (just outside the Fairmont loading zone). Which resulted in him getting a 1-year jail sentence.

On another occasion, during a massive bender, with a group of friends, he was so drunk that he was close to a state of etylique coma. A female friend came with a car to pick up the drunken group, in order to take them safely home. Another person came to give a helping hand to get the drunken troupe into the car, when suddenly the young man became excessively violent once more. This resulted in some serious injuries such as torn ligaments et al.

Apparently, according to the accused, he would have broken into the fight because the victim apparently inappropriately touched his girlfriend. There was quite some confusion in terms of all the statements, but considering the state of each person, it’s not surprising that there was so much incoherence as to what really happened. The girlfriend of the accused young man, did mention that her boyfriend had serious behavioural problems when under the influence of alcohol, and he could become excessively violent.

The accused was not present at the court hearing, to defend himself. The sentence was therefore harsh, as there seemed to be no signs of remorse from the young man (who’s alcohol content was at 1.22mg/ litre of expired air). The sentence will be carried out and a deposit of 1000 euros as the provisions will be paid.

Source : Monaco Matin

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