Stealing Chips from Monaco’s Casino
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Stealing Chips from Monaco’s Casino

There are several ways to steal from the casino. But the palming technique is certainly the preferred method for transalpine sharks. An Italian believed he would put his hands to good use and quintuple his bet. But the cameras were watching. The offender was caught by video surveillance and summoned to appear before the court. On the 11th of September 2016, around 2:00, security services from the Principality’s famous institution alerted the police.

An individual in his forties, with the sleight of hand of an illusionist, he swapped other peoples’ tokens from the roulette table. Interrogated by the policemen, the player was in possession of three tokens worth €25 each and €740 in cash. Until then, there was no guarantee of an arrest. But during the investigation, when viewing the recorded images, the inspectors noticed the suspicious behavior of the man. On the green carpet, he put down the tokens he acquired for 5 € each, and with the dexterity of a magician, he swapped them with those of his closest player, ones with a greater value: €25. He goes immediately to the cashier to turn them into cash…

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“The sleight of hand is blatant on the video,” says Prosecutor Jérôme Fougeras-Lavergnolle. If the accused is absent at the hearing, he has recognized the facts while in custody. It is doubtful, however, of his claims that he is doing this for the first time in his career. The manager of an agency specializing in events says his technique is rather distinct to someone who does this kind of act regularly. Because he repeated his actions a dozen times, it appears to amount to a total loss of €450 for the players at table and €300 for the SBM. For a man without a criminal record, prosecutor Cyrielle Colle considered that, once the facts are established and recognized, the penalty must be eight days’ imprisonment with suspended sentence. The court followed the recommendations of the public prosecutor.

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