Suspects are found in two big crime cases of Monaco
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Suspects in two big crime cases were found

Suspects are found in two big crime cases of Monaco

Two high-profile cases lately made some buzz in the principality. The first one was the hacker attack on the Princess Grace Hospital Centre and the second case was the jewelry robbery from Dyadechko’s apartment. And here, at last, suspects are found.

On Friday, November 4th, in the Palace of Justice, the Attorney General Jacques Doremye and the Police Commissioner Régis Bastid announced the results of investigations on these two cases to the general public.

As for the case of the hacker attack, the suspect is 25-years old French programmer, living in Nice. He hacked Hospital’s computer system twice: on January 8th and on June 15th. As a result of these attacks the personal data of more than 2 400 employees was sent by e-mail to about 500 addresses based in Monaco and in the region.

For the first attack, the hacker presumably installed a virus on servers of the Hospital when he still worked there and these viruses were activated automatically several months later after he already left the hospital. “The second attack was well thought-out as it has been done remotely”, – the prosecutor emphasizes.

On June 15th hacker attacked from the cybercafe in Nice. “The purpose of this attack was first of all a revenge for his unfair, in his opinion, dismissal”, – Jacques Doremye explains.

But this case has another interesting angle. In some spread files internal and administrative mistakes were found. Was it work of the hacker? Hardly. Investigations found out that he didn’t work with the information, he only sent it out. “The sent files were not processed, therefore, all that false or incorrect information is not his work”, – the prosecutor specifies.
“This programmer is very talented even though he is an autodidact”, – as Jacques Doremye describes him.

Charges will be soon brought against the young man, and the trial will take place subsequently in the spring of 2017. He is facing 5 years in jail maximum.

The results of the investigation of robbery case from Dyadechko has been presented by Police Commissioner Régis Bastid. The safe with jewelry still has not been found according to official results, but, ironically, the main suspect in this case is the ex-security guard of Dyadechko’s family, who left in spring of 2016. The Lithuanian by origin he was detained on his arrival to Moscow where now he expects the extradition.

Sergey Dyadechko
Sergey Dyadechko

In August, 2016, Sergey Dyadechko, the president of Monaco ASM Basket SA fell a victim of the robbery in his own house. The total amount of stolen jewelries was estimated for about 5 million euros. The robbery took place on August 12, and was revealed only three days later.

“The thief managed to get into the apartment without breaking, without having left any traces”, – Régis Bastid says. – “Therefore we were looking for someone close to the family right from the beginning and that was a right direction to take in our investigation”.

On October 8th at the airport of Moscow, the Russian authorities detained the Lithuanian who was one of security agents of a family of Dyadechko. He will be sent to Monaco in the next weeks where charges will be brought against him. The unfortunate robber is facing 10 years in jail.

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