Top 2 Monaco criminal news: store cashier and Go Pro camera theft
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Top 2 Monaco criminal news: store cashier and Go Pro camera theft

This edition of Criminal Digest gives details on a sneaky cashier at a sports store changing prices and Go Pro Camera theft.

Decathlon case: “receipts” fraud

A new practice of breach of trust was discovered in the Principality. A young cashier at a sports store, trampled on the business of this Fontvieille store, according to Monaco-Matin. He had devised a system of “receipts” to satisfy his gambling problem: he altered the price of the item sold by increasing it by several euros on the receipt. All he had to do was to pocket the difference. He thus extorted, between July and August last year, a sum of 3,588.66 euros to the detriment of his employer who filed a complaint. The result? The French student of twenty-two years was not present at the hearing of the correctional court.

Since he could not explain himself, Judge Jérôme Fougeras Lavergnolle detailed the allegations: “Everything started from a customer who has complained that he had not received a receipt that lists the number of purchases and the total cost. A manager took care of the problem and the prices quoted did not agree with the posted prices, and upon checking other invoices, he noted that all price changes had been entered by the same cashier. The summer trainee, immediately suspected, admitted his misdeeds. At first, the student blamed the disappearance of his father, which was followed by a depressive period. Then, he also admitted to spending a lot of money to satisfy his addiction to gambling. He was fired right away. Not without having repaid the sum in three cheques”.

Note for this reason the absence of the civil party. This astute way of diverting thousands of euros in forty five days was noted by the prosecutor Alexia Brianti.

“And he could have continued for a long time by not delivering the receipt or by typing a single item instead of two or more. He moved today. A sanction of six months’ imprisonment with suspended sentence is necessary in order that he may not resume this elsewhere.” The court reduced the sentence required by the Crown to two months suspended by default.

Go Pro Cameras of Novotel

When Judge Jerome Fougeras Lavergnolle approached this case of “Go Pro” camera theft at the hearing of the Correctional Court, the defendant was absent at the bar. However, the magistrate described this thirty-three-year-old Frenchman, born in Venezuela, as a homeless person before committing the alleged acts, as reported Monaco-Matin.

go pro

“On 27 June,” he said, “a complaint was filed for the theft of two cameras committed a month earlier. It should be noted that during the F1 Grand Prix, Total was inviting its good clients to the Principality to attend this sporting event. For the occasion, the French oil group offered them gifts, previously stored in the premises of one of the hotels.”

At the time of the distribution, two miniature waterproof cameras have disappeared. The security services first examined the access badge. Then they analysed the images of video surveillance. Very quickly, the guards noticed a person. He snuck in empty handed and came out with a box. That was the suspect! From the first interrogation, the culprit recognised his fault without being aware of the contents of the case.

“During his time in police custody,” said the Judge, “his girlfriend brought the two objects back to the Public Security. The accused was never convicted, either in France or in Monaco.”

To deter him not to start again, the prosecutor Alexia Brianti requested fifteen days of imprisonment with reprieve.

“Strange character! He takes advantage of his responsibilities in the palace of Monte-Carlo to steal the two cameras, worth 250€ a piece. It was an opportunity and he did not have time to think. However, thanks to the video, the offense was confirmed. He is not here today, but you should add 500€ as a warning.”

The tribunal would follow in all points the requisitions of the public ministry.

As usual, this criminal news from Monaco on the cashier fraud and a careless go pro camera theft shows us how crime doesn’t pay off.

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