Top 2 Monaco Criminal News: Dog Attack and Wallet Theft
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dog attacked

Top 2 Monaco Criminal News: Dog Attack and Wallet Theft

In this edition of criminal news you have the chance to hear about a dog attack against a Chihuahua and its owner as well as the theft of the wallet of an elderly woman.

Like master like dog?

This imitation took on its full meaning with the case before the Criminal Court. It was about an aggressive dog, not kept on a leash. Owned by a Monegasque musicologist, the animal particularly hated a Chihuahua and its master by inflicting bites on both on the occasion of two unfortunate encounters, according to Monaco-Matin.

“Why didn’t you detain your animal when he first bit the victim and then a few months later this little dog?” asked Judge Florestan Bellinzona.

The accused, a thin fifty-year-old, believed that her dog did not like the tiny breed, “But if he attacked it, it’s because the leash escaped from my hands!” The mocking Judge countered, “It is therefore the fault of the Chihuahua. It is not without reason that the law obliges dogs to be kept on a leash.”

The civil party did not mince words. “During the outings, this animal is never kept on a leash. Since it bit me, my hand is still trembling. And the second time, I just had enough time to take my little dog in my arms. It’s harassment.”

dog attacked

1,000 euros are claimed for the plaintiff and 1000 euros for the dog. Fairly, prosecutor Alexia Brianti considered that “any animal is unpredictable. Then, not held on a leash, it could have bitten a child. This animal represents a danger. It is serious not to have kept it back: it caught the hindquarters of the victim’s dog. As Madam is not able to control the dog, put an end to such behaviour with a 1,000 euro fine.”

For the defence, it is another story. “Be lenient,” said the lawyer Thomas Brezzo. To overly focus on the animal we have forgotten the human code. The enmity between the dogs has spread to the masters and we are unable to talk it through. It’s a pity! One can wonder about the aggressiveness of the victim.”

The court, armoured against these canine passions, will punish the offenses with a penalty of 500 euros and the payment of an identical sum to the civil party.

Bag theft: caught in the minutes that followed

Condamine market
Condamine market. Source:

Arriving at the stand of the criminal court handcuffed, a Georgian man of forty two years, denied with conviction having stolen the wallet of a retired Monegasque woman, as reported Monaco-Matin. He even sought to pass himself off as a victim of fate. Yet, at the stand, the complainant recognized the individual who had rubbed shoulders with her too closely. It was Monday, 15 May, around 5:25 pm, she was getting off the bus at the Condamine market stop with her grandchildren. Rushed, this grandmother quickly inspected her bag on the sidewalk and she noticed the disappearance of the precious object with all her documents and the sum of 600 euros in notes. Two young high school students saw the scene and followed the suspect who repeatedly asked not to be followed.

When the two witnesses met police officers at the place of Arms, they alerted them. At the same time, the victim filed a complaint with the Public Security. The precise description of the person allowed him to be questioned in the minutes that followed on the port Hercules.

“When you were searched,” continued Judge Florestan Bellinzona, “the sum of 595 euros was found. But no documents! You refused to explain yourself and you claimed to have come to Principality with 500 euros in pocket. You then operated your phone and several photos were taken at the exit of the station in Monaco showing women with handbags or backpacks”.

It looked like he was checking out the location… The accused, unemployed and hosted by a friend in Nice, still disputed having stolen the wallet and the images on in his laptop. “In fact, I lent the phone to a child and he did whatever with it. As for the money, I had taken 1,600 euros from Georgia to pay for the trip on the Cote d’Azur. That was the money I had left. I am shocked by what I hear. There are many things that I did not understand and when I answered the investigators, I did not know that I was accused of a robbery. I too was robbed. I do not know that lady!” The retired woman was indignant. She expressed her desire to see the pickpocket on the stand before claiming the sum plus the value of the wallet: 600 euros. “I do not ask for the moon. The accused claimed only one thing: “I am very ill with liver disease. I have a few days left to live, let me enjoy them quietly.”


Attorney Jacques Dorémieux stated: “This man does not seem to me to be in poor health and the stress of police custody does not seem to have disturbed him. Everything he tells us is not in accordance with reality. So, is the evidence insufficient? I do not believe that. In addition, this gentleman is someone easily identifiable. The Principality must remain a country with the lowest crime rate in the world. With the arrival of the F1 Grand Prix, you have to be strict: three months firm!” The defence, notwithstanding the short time to prepare their argument, argued the reasons for requesting the client’s release.

“One hundred and sixty minutes of police custody is too little in relation to the facts alleged and the punishment required at this hearing. At no time have we checked the video. Has the lost and found service been interrogated? Were the victim’s prints found on the money? Has she not lost her wallet before? Everything is based on suspicions. There is no evidence of my client’s guilt. Only presumptions. The doubt must benefit him so as not to turn this case into a judicial error.”

The judges declared the prisoner guilty of the offense and sentenced him to one month in prison. He will have to return the sum of 600 euros to the victim, plus 600 euros damage.

As this Criminal Digest shows it is not easy to deal with a dog attack and the theft of the wallet of an elderly woman, but justice seems to have been served.

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