Top 2 Monaco criminal news: in prison because of the Chanel bag
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Chanel bag

Top 2 Monaco criminal news: in prison because of the Chanel bag

In this edition of Criminal Digest, you will learn about a case of a stole designer bag and a prostitute caught for possession of drugs.

Imprisoned because of the Chanel bag

In the Principality, the victims of thieves who hunt for branded bags have always been the crowds that frequent the fashionable evening establishments, like for example on Friday, May 26. The evening was going well at a restaurant in Larvotto. Suddenly, a woman realised her Chanel handbag had disappeared. Inconsolable and desperate, she went to complain to the restaurant manager. A 24-year-old woman, married with no profession, was handcuffed in front of the Correctional Court for theft, where she had encountered the luxury accessory, according to Monaco-Matin. The footage, in fact, caught her and revealed her behaviour… She leaned over the bag, slipped it between her legs and concealed it under her dress. And the shameless person responsible was later found another night club. “Interesting,” said Judge Florestan Bellinzona, “you say you threw the contents of the bag into a trash bin between the two establishments. The police found all the effects, except the money. The complainant claimed without certainty that there had been sums of 4,000 euros or 2,000 euros. You claim to have found 35 euros! Four women from your family were with you. All were placed in police custody. You came to steal a bag?” The accused replied no. All these people were there to have fun and have a drink.

“With what money were you going to spend this evening?” The culprit personally held a sum of 200 euros. “Was it enough to settle the bill at the restraunt and the night club?” The Judge asked. No doubt as to the motive! “When one reads your file,” the magistrate continued, “one is tempted not to believe you, with statements of drunk driving and theft.” The contrition of the accused showed, as she mentioned her other faults in order to downplay her actions: “I screwed up my life. I did not plan to do it again…” She must have wanted another pair of shoes and she could not resist, added Assistant Attorney General Hervé Poinot. “As for the Chanel bag, she wanted the same since her birthday, but her family could not afford it. This woman succumbed to temptation. However, she admits the facts. The sentence should not be less than six months’ imprisonment.” Total co-operation with the police, variations on the sum held and return of the 35 euros found in the bag, plus the absence of the victim at the hearing, were part of the defence pleadings. “My client did not come to the Principality to commit an offense,” said lawyer Clyde Billaud. “She just wanted to get away from it all. A firm sentence is not recommended. Or else opt for a reduced time. Better still, match the reprieve!” The court preferred to be severe. But without opting for the time proposed by the prosecution: two months of prison.

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Drugs as a bond

During a routine check  on 23 February, the police found a packet containing 0.83 g of cocaine in an African woman’s bag, as reported Monaco-Matin. When questioned, the prostitute swore that the drugs did not belong to her; she was simply keeping it until the client returned. He left it with her because he was unable to pay the price of her service. Was it some kind of guarantee or proof that he could pay? In any case, it is an infraction for possession of drugs punishable by a €1000 fine.

This rather unusual misfortune was explained by a call girl in front of the Criminal Court. After a night of “client spotting” in an establishment of the Principality, this Gabonese woman of around thirty years old went back to her flat in Beausoleil with an English client.

On the way there, the very drunk British man decided to buy a packet of cocaine. When they arrived at the apartment, he consumed some of it. But before continuing, the woman inquired about the terms of payment of 500€. Lo and behold, the man had no more money with him. In this kind of deal no consumer credit or half-price was allowed, all services had to be settled in cash and in advance.

In order to make her time profitable, the call girl asked him to go and withdraw the money from an ATM. But the machine refused to give anything. Was it out of service or did the man drunkenly mix up the numbers of his PIN code? Faced with this obstacle, the couple gave up and part ways. But the call girl kept the drugs to avoid him getting caught in the Principality with cocaine…

She returned home angry because the night was a waste, and threw the small packet of drugs into a shoe. Time went by and on a cleaning day the woman slipped the precious bag into her makeup case… And this is how she was caught.

“Why is the packet surfacing almost 3 months later? Do you take drugs? Do you sell them?” asked the Judge Jérôme Fougeras-Lavergnolle. “I was using another bag,” answered the accused, “the packet was so small…I forgot about it and didn’t notice it. I don’t take drugs. But as a prostitute, people ask me for them sometimes.” The public prosecutor Jacques Dorémieux believed the culprit. “Blood tests prove that the lady has no trace of illegal substances. I suggest a fine which will serve as a warning: from €300 to €500 with suspended sentence.”

The defence highlights the spontaneous and sincere cooperation of its client with the police. “Because she has nothing to hide,” pointed out the lawyer Stephan Pastor, “this behaviour is the consequence of a chaotic existence. This woman has never had any problems with the police. She is firm and upright in her statements, do not bring discredit in her field. Show some understanding.” However, the judges went even further than the public prosecutor, giving her a €1,000 fine.

As this criminal digest shows, a stolen bag can land you in hot water and a prostitute possessing drugs could not escape the law.

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