Top 2 Monaco criminal news: Louis Vuitton theft and football attack
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Louis Vuitton

Top 2 Monaco criminal news: Louis Vuitton theft and football attack

In this edition of criminal news, you will learn the details of a Louis Vuitton theft and a physical attack at a football event.

Luxury Theft

A Romanian, eager to offer his fiancée a Louis Vuitton case at 3,750 euros, entered a shop in Monte Carlo. As the small case was too expensive, he took it and hid it under his jacket while his partner chatted with the saleswoman. When they left, no alarm was triggered. But the cameras recorded the event. This incredible theft was addressed at the hearing of the correctional court. With the respective reports and the registration of their Audi car, the criminals were intercepted on 17 January, around 8:30 pm, on the Avenue de la Madone. During the search of the vehicle, the police discovered a number of luxury goods: laptops, glasses, handbags, jackets, wallets, belts … partly stolen, according to evidence, in the shops of Nice, Marseille, Rome. Plus an electronic box to neutralise security measures. Methodically, Judge Jerome Fougeras-Lavergnolle obtained the complete confession, according to Monaco-Matin.

“Yes, I stole the briefcase,” acknowledged the 43-year-old unemployed suspect. “But it was not premeditated. First I wanted to show the store to my partner and offer her the case because she likes this brand very much. Then, since I didn’t have the money, I hid it under my coat. At the moment of leaving, I activated the box, which I bought for 150 euros on the Internet …”

Louis Vuitton case
Louis Vuitton case. Source:

The Judge first inquired about the true destination of the precious object. “To resell for 1,500 euros,” responds this native of Timisoara. “I’ve always stolen with the intention of reselling!”

Then the Judge asked about the 11,000 euros gained for the eighteen leases of a vehicle. “It was my old companion who took care of it. She had a very good financial situation.”

In the end, this illegal trade left traces: five convictions in Germany, one in Austria, three in Italy. And an Interpol document where it is mentioned that the fingerprints of the accused correspond to twelve different names! Not to mention his “mistakes of youth”! When the Judge questioned the young woman of about thirty years with no record, she affirmed that she had no suspicions. “Did you go to Vuitton without knowing about your companion’s behaviour?” Her denial was ready: “I did not know he was doing it. I just like gifts.”

After recalling the couple’s procedure and incarceration since 18 January, 2017, prosecutor Cyrielle Colle considered the accused’s “belonging to a network that covers the Côte d’Azur and the major European cities in order to pay back their debts. We are not here to believe the lies, that he is both a good father and a business leader who steals. This makes a mockery of everyone!”

Fifteen months firm are requested for the man and six months firm for the young woman. For the defence, assured by Jean-Pascal Padovani, “the penalties are too heavy. These people are attracted by everything that shines and are subject to temptation. I ask for the release of the woman, she just turned a blind eye. Apart from the small case in the Principality, there was no theft or concealment. Choose, for my client, prison with suspended sentence and exile from the territory.”

After lengthy deliberation, the court sentenced the thief to a one-year prison term and his companion and accomplice six months’ imprisonment (minus four months of pre-trial detention). They also confiscated the electronic box used to neutralise the alarms. On the other hand, the two defendants were acquitted for the offense of stolen goods. They have, as the law provides, 15 days to appeal the decision.

Football anger

An incident broke out before the match between AS Monaco and Juventus in Turin on Wednesday, 3 May, at around 8:30 pm, in front of the Louis II stadium, as reported Monaco-Matin. An ASM “Ultra” supporter was refused entrance to the grounds: he did not have the ticket for his place. From then on, the steward suffered the ire of fan of the Monegasque team. After a short quarrel, this fan head butted the agent in charge of access to the football match. The latter immediately reacted by punching him in the face. The policemen near the encounter intervened to quickly separate the two opponents. Very rapidly, the provocateur took advantage of the moment of confusion to enter nevertheless in the sports enclosure.

Turin Stadium
Turin Stadium. Source:

Following a complaint lodged by the victim of aggression, the 25-year-old resident of Mali was arrested on his way out of the stadium, and he appeared before the criminal court in accordance with the procedure. In the stand, the defendant was anxious and did not try to minimise his responsibility when Judge Florestan Bellinzona questioned him about his attitude. “Pushed physically by the steward, I head-butted him. I regret my actions and I apologise…”

For the Judge, “the victim simply did his work and it did not justify that you replicated by a head blow. You are not good at controlling your frustration, because you were annoyed at the simple request to return due to the status of your ticket.” The steward, present, did not wish to become a civil party. He left “to let the Justice do its work”. After a reminder of the facts, he was required by the prosecutor, Cyrielle Colle, to spend a fortnight in prison: “The steward was there to ensure safety. Often, the number of supporters exceeding the capacity of the stands has led to murderous mob actions in the past and especially in England. The stadium must remain a place of celebration in which such acts are not tolerated but instead severely repressed.” The sentence is disproportionate for lawyer Thomas Brezzo. “Of course, the reaction of my client was unwarranted. But at first, the complainant did not file a complaint. He then changed his mind. If the accused was banned from stadium in 2012 for bringing a smoke bomb, he never did it again! This demonstrates his ability to learn from his mistakes. A conditional sentence is preferred. The firm prison sentence would obliterate his professional future.” The judges condemned the supporter to eight days in prison.

This edition of criminal news shows that a theft from luxury stores can never end well and a frustrated football fan attack has ended in prison.

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