Top 3 Monaco Criminal News: Burglaries in Monaco and Magic Mushrooms
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Top 3 Monaco Criminal News: Burglaries in Monaco and Magic Mushrooms

Two attempted burglaries in Monaco

 Imprisoned in Austria, the accused will be extradited to Monaco.

A thirty-two-year-old Moldovan burglar, currently imprisoned in Innsbruck penitentiary in Austria, was sentenced by the Criminal Court to a one-year prison term by default, according to Monaco-Matin. On 22 August, with a companion, he climbed a terrace of the “Monte-Carlo Sun” residence. Then, on 28 August, the two malefactors climbed the gutter of a house on Avenue de la Costa, where they stole a box of jewellery.

In the first case, the two individuals chose a high rise with twenty-six floors located at the eastern entrance of the Principality. But they limited their ascent to more accessible levels. At around 9pm, a guard working at the building notified Police that he noticed two odd characters prowling about. Investigators immediately looked at video surveillance recordings. On the video, the burglars climbed a terrace and tried to force a locked sliding-door open.

The attempt was aborted with the immediate arrival of police officers, who then gathered valuable clues. In their flight, the burglars left a bag and gloves on the ground. Perfect evidence to identify the genetic profiles of the culprits.

The second incident was called in by a resident of a building, not too far from the “Allées Lumières”. She saw a tree move from her window and noticed two young people perched among the branches. She alerted the police. Same thing: video images demonstrated the truth. The two looters climbed the gutter and entered an apartment. They escaped through another opening with a sword collection and a jewelry box, of little value according to the victim present at the hearing.

On site, inspectors found a disk drive, a screwdriver and other burglary tools.

“In the meantime,” said Prosecutor Jérôme Fougeras Lavergnolle, “footprints taken by police officers on the two scenes of burglary were substantial. After a consultation with Interpol, the Public Security Service was informed on 25 May 2016 that one of the two profiles corresponded to a Moldovan cook who was incarcerated in Innsbruck. When questioned, the detainee acknowledged that he was passing through Monaco at the time. But he never stole anything. So where did his footprints come from? He says that his vehicle was stolen with several objects. There were also skin cells found…”

Hard enough to deny for a person who has already had two prior convictions. Olivier Zamphiroff seriously declared: “This man is a repeat offender. Condemn him to a heavy penalty, in accordance with French sanctions. Eight months!”

The court will go beyond the requisitions of the prosecution by sentencing the man to a year. The defendant will be extradited to Monaco for this new sentence after his imprisonment in Innsbruck. From prison to prison.

Ten days suspended sentence for magic mushrooms

Magic Mushroom

Mushrooms are not always healthy. Especially if the fungus is hallucinogenic. A twenty-two year old Monegasque resident had about ten grams on him when he was checked on 29 April last year, as reported Monaco-Matin. He was summoned to appear before the Criminal Court and was sentenced to ten days of imprisonment, despite his absence from the court. The judges also ordered the confiscation of the toxic substance. That evening, at around 7:45 pm, the police stopped a vehicle with five people on board, at the Portier roundabout. They suspected drug-use and found six pouches of the stupefying substance in the pockets of the defendant. The other passengers had nothing reprehensible on them.

“The convicted,” announced Prosecuter Jérôme Fougeras Lavergnolle, “has acknowledged the purchase of hallucinogenic mushrooms from a stranger on the beach of Cabbé, in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, for a sum of 10 euros per unit. He was going to spend the evening in Nice with his friends. His French criminal record has a conviction for contempt in 2016.” In the most concise way possible, Olivier Zamphiroff punctuated the case file by requesting a fine of 1,500 euros. The court will prefer to opt for a conditional prison sentence. Perhaps a better “prescription” for the young man.

Drunk-driving: 15 days suspended sentence

Gavel, Alcoholic Drink and Car Keys

The defendant, who appeared handcuffed in court on Friday, almost crashed his Land Rover. On Wednesday 29 March, at around 5:50am, the thirty-six-year-old man took the wheel with a blood alcohol level of 0.95 mg per liter of exhaled air, as reported Monaco-Matin. At the start of the Larvotto, he took off on the left lane, and then went up the avenue des Citronniers in the opposite direction. He turned around and left in the opposite direction. The policemen eventually arrested him on Saint-Laurent Avenue.

“In your state,” said Prosecutor Florestan Bellinzona, “the risk of causing a fatal accident was multiplied by eighty. In addition, you drive with an Algerian license, which has no international value, and therefore you are not in good standing in Monaco. And you hold a German passport. But the most serious is the amount of alcohol one must drink to reach this level.”

The prisoner, on the stand, seemed to have collapsed. “It is not my habit to drink so much… I had three pints of beer, one gin tonic, three glasses of roséwine… I am aware of the gravity of my actions.”

Attorney General Jacques Dorémieux said “the public prosecutor must be very firm. Let us not forget the severity of drunk driving, highlighted by the sovereign during the last ceremony of the vows of police. This personmust be sentenced to a firm penalty. However, I am not opposed to splitting it. You will add three fines of 35 euros and a contravention of 150 euros.” The defense then intervened. Lawyer Thomas Brezzo used professional obligations and lack of criminal record. “My client understood his mistake. I am convinced that after three days of detention, he will not do it again! This manager of an import-export company is due to visit China next week to meet potential investors. He is a first-time offender. Do not hurt this opportunity. Be merciful at the hour of judgment.” The court will consider this with a fifteen day suspended sentence. The judges followed the requests of the public prosecution for the fines and contravention.

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