Top 3 Monaco Criminal News: Restaurant Violence and Fake ID Card
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Top 3 Monaco Criminal News: Restaurant Violence and Fake ID Card

In this edition of criminal news, you will hear about a woman violently thrown out of a restaurant as well as a false ID card for work and a cannabis charge.

Restaurant Violence

If the customers are pushed out with force because they find the bill too excessive, this method may lead to a rapid decline in attendance at the bar and restaurant, at the quay Jean-Charles-Rey, in Fontvieille. The co-manager of this establishment appeared before the Criminal Court. He had taken the victim by one arm and he violently pushed her out because she found the bill of 50 € for pasta and two glasses of wine excessive. Wounded, with a five-day recover, the person claiming justice reported this incident, according to Monaco-Matin.

On 27 October, 2016, the dinner, taken with a dozen members of the club “Harley Davidson”, took place in a good atmosphere. Conviviality was in order for these bikers. Was the complainant invited or did she just show up? It does not matter. Towards midnight, when a waiter presented the bill to the guest, surprise, she asks for a detailed ticket and explanations of the price she considered exaggerated. The co-manager considered that she was trying to avoid paying and did not spare force in kicking the dissatisfied client out of his establishment. “You have contested that you have injured this woman,” said Judge Florestan Bellinzona, “while the cameras show the facts and identify you!” The author of the altercation defended himself. “Things were getting heated. I stepped in to calm things down. I did not want the challenge of the bill to escalate. It was necessary to avoid scandal …” The Judge insisted on the images of video surveillance. “All show a violent and aggressive attitude. The police saw you! You threw that person out and you did not see her fall to the ground? Do you often get people out that way?” The guilty party denied all brutality: “I do not know what to say. This woman was clinging to my shirt and insulting me. I had no choice.” A witness reinforced these allegations. But the civil party noted the defendant’s tendency to minimise the facts. “As you go along,” said lawyer Thomas Brezzo, “his versions differ. He lies! There is the video: he abruptly dismissed my client and she found herself on the road where she was injured. Another individual shoved her out and a Russian woman came in. We claim € 29,431.78 for all injuries combined.” Attorney Alexia Brianti found it hard to believe what does not fit the pictures. “The facts, the medical certificates are there, you must accept reality! Without any extenuating circumstances, a severe penalty of fifteen days’ imprisonment with suspended sentence is required.” The defence would prefer to direct its argument on “a thoroughly botched investigation. It was limited to the adjoining establishments of Fontvieille and examining the video. The other party is claiming € 30,000 for a benign sprain of the cervical spine. Why did not she call for help? I ask you to be lenient for my client.” The judges would choose a suspended sentence of one month, a provision of 1,000 Euros and the appointment of a forensic expert.

Fake ID for work

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Presenting a fake French identity card to the Employment Service, would this be the new scam used by foreigners to get a job in the Principality? A Comorian attempted the experiment to get a job. But the subterfuge was soon discovered by the officials of the Directorate of Labour, as reported Monaco-Matin. The use of a false administrative document led this character, more debonair than counterfeiter, before the criminal court. “Why and how did you get this document falsified?” asked Judge Jérôme Fougeras-Lavergnolle. The maintenance agent was trying to find a job and admitted having yielded to the solution of a false card to circumvent the law. “I bought this card in Mayotte for 250 €, to be hired in the Principality.”  Surprised and astonished, the Judge continued: “You have come from this overseas department with Comorian papers. So why not present them also to those hiring you?” The guilty party responded frankly: “To have a better chance of getting a job in Monaco, you have to have status in France. I have also initiated procedures to be in compliance with the law.” This kind of document trafficking does not surprise prosecutor Cyrielle Colle. “Given the proximity between the Comoros and Mayotte, one can easily get this kind of papers. So, this man was able to work until he got caught. If the intentions were commendable in order to earn a living honestly, a penalty of fifteen days with suspended sentence must sanction the offense. In addition to the false identity card, you should also seize the work permit.” The court condemned the accused to a €600 fine.

Hidden cannabis

Jardin Exotique
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A banal roadside inspection near the Jardin Exotique surprised policemen on 24 April, according to Monaco-Matin. At around 20 minutes past midnight, when one of the agents asked the driver if he had narcotics, this Metz native of 24 years unbuttoned his trousers and removed a bag of 23 g of cannabis from his underpants. When asked about the origin of the cannabis, he said he bought the same evening from an individual in the car park of the cinema Pathé for the sum of 70 €. Judge Jérôme Fougeras-Lavergnole recalled the words of the defendant, who was absent from the hearing: “This unemployed Frenchman, at his cousin’s home in Eze-sur-Mer for a short vacation, recognized his astonishment at receiving so much hashish at this rate. He came to Monaco to buy cigarettes and refuel his BMW. He admitted smoking one to two joints a day. Though his Monegasque record is clean, it is different in France. Thirteen cases are mentioned for the period 2009 to 2015, for violence, concealment, narcotics, etc.” In her statement, prosecutor Cyrielle Colle defined the defendant as “a personality inclined to breaking the law”. For this drug possession, the representative of the public prosecutor’s office is demanding a sanction of one month of imprisonment. The court would follow the requisitions of the public ministry.

In this edition of Monaco criminal news where a woman was thrown out restaurant and a false card was used for work and cannabis was hidden in boxers, it’s clear that anything can happen when people make mistakes!

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