Interview with HSH Prince Albert II to Cyril Viguier
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Интервью Князя Альбера II Сирилю Вигье

Interview with HSH Prince Albert II to Cyril Viguier

On Thursday, 3rd November, Cyril Viguier interviewed HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco at the Prince’s Palace. The interview was mainly about the filming of a new documentary film about Monaco. This new film is called “Monaco Lifestyle” and the length is 1 hour, 52 minutes to be exact.

Monaco offers a range of opportunities for business which doesn’t exist anywhere else in Europe. Moreover, after Brexit, numerous entrepreneurs have decided to discover the principality and to transfer their activity there. It’s the “Monaco Lifestyle”! The film consists of stories about those men and women who have extended the influence and prestige of Monte Carlo on an international level. It has a planned released for April 2017 on TV5 Monde.

In the interview with Cyril Viguier, the Prince also discussed the reasons that have led him to acquire Grace Kelly’s family home in Philadelphia.

Grace Kelly’s family home in Philadelphia
Grace Kelly’s family home in Philadelphia

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco is now the official owner of this house at 3901 Henri Avenue in Philadelphia, USA.

As he explained, the representatives of the Historical Society of this district in Philadelphia told him at the beginning of summer that the last owner of this house had died, and her heirs did not want to keep the house.

“I hesitated at the beginning; I even discussed it with my cousins to see if it interested someone else from the family. And then I heard that various construction projects were being offered, to build on this site, and I didn’t want the house to be demolished and to eventually disappear. So then I announced that I wished to buy the house. It was an opportunity not to be missed”, explained the Prince of Monaco during the interview.

“Some reconstruction and modernisation are required as the house is not in the best state at the moment. This house is very cosy and charming, and it has a very beautiful garden outside; all this is to be restored. I remember it as it was when I went there to visit with my mother in the 1960s”.

“We haven’t decided yet what we will do with the house and how it will serve, as it definitely will not simply be a house for living. Whether there will be a museum or whether we will use it as venue for some special events, is difficult to tell at the moment”.

“Of course, when our children are grown we want to show them this house and to tell them that it is the place where their famous grandmother was born and grew up. I imagine that they will play in the same garden where I once played with my sisters.”

Source : Monaco Matin

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