Top-9 Monaco Princely news: new embassy in Lisbon and another Fashion week in Paris
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Prince’s Carabiniers
The Prince’s Carabiniers. Photograph: Noblesse & Royautés

Top 9 Monaco Princely news: new embassy in Lisbon and another Fashion week in Paris

Main news of this week was a moving choice made by Pierre Casiraghi and his wife Beatrice for the first name of their first child. The young parents baptized their son, born on the 28th of February, Stefano, like his grandfather. Stefano Casiraghi, husband of Caroline of Monaco, father of Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre, died in 1990, in a racing boat accident, off Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Pierre had just turned three.

Pierre Casiraghi and his wife Beatrice, born Borromeo, gave their son the names, according to the Spanish magazine “Hola!”: Stefano, Ercole and Carlo. This last name, Carlo, is also that of the grandfather and maternal uncle of the child – the father and brother of Beatrice. As for Ercole, it could be a nod to the port Hercules (Ercole in Italian), the great maritime symbol of Monaco

Court of Honour’s Fresco Restoration

At the beginning of the week, Mrs. Isabelle Rolet, in charge of the Restoration of the Frescoes of the Court of Honour, showed H.S.H. Prince Albert II the work’s progress.

The frescoes, painted in the middle of the 16th century, had suffered degradation from the passing of time and required major restorative work. They were painted by great Renaissance Genoese artists, inspired by the paintings of Perin Del Vaga, who collaborated with Raphael and Michelangelo in Rome.

Fresco Restoration at the Court of Honour
Court of Honour undergoes restoration. Photograph: Eric Mathon / Prince’s Palace

This restoration work, which is unique in Europe, has been put under the responsibility of Mrs. Rolet, who heads a team of 20 people, made up of heritage painters, restorers, engineers and researchers. These professionals do not use any chemical or toxic products, but natural materials and pigments as well as techniques derived from ancient know-how.

In 2014, Prince Albert decided to undertake this ambitious project, scheduled over several years.

Princess Caroline’s Association Funds New 3D Medical Tool

A “fantastic” medical device, said Maurice Chazal, Head of Digestive and Visceral Surgery at the CHPG.  His department has been recently equipped with a new tool which enables precise laparoscopies with a 3D visual inside the patient, for minimally invasive surgery and the most refined vision possible.

The equipment in place at the CHPG was acquired thanks to a subsidy of 150,000 euros paid by GEMLUC. An association represented yesterday by its honorary president, Princess Caroline, who came to discover the new technology.

Princess Caroline
Princess Caroline with Béatrice Brych, President of GEMLUC, Dr. Maurice Chazal and CHPG Director. Photograph: Nice-Matin

“Previously, during laparoscopy, the camera sent us a 2D image that was less precise.  This new equipment gives us the precision of direct vision, similar to what one can have with the naked eye,” said Dr. Chazal who has already operated a dozen patients with the new 3D device.

Princess Stephanie, president of Fight Aids Monaco, and her daughter Camille Gottlieb attend ‘Expositive’ exhibition

They are called Agnes H, Bibal P, Catam, Hill, Cri-Zeet Venus. Anonymous, self-taught artists all of whom are affiliated with Fight Aids Monaco and living with HIV. A common denominator which links the works in the exhibition entitled ‘Expositive’, recently unveiled at the Kamil Art Gallery. But the illness fades to the background when faced with the artistic force conveyed in this exhibition by women and men who used brushes, colors, collages and sculpture to carve a place in society. “We welcomed them as professionals, drove them to work, helped develop their technique by being critical of their work as a gallery owner,” said Kamil, patron of the gallery with the same name. The director of locations, Caroline Jelmonia selected the works. A diverse, contemporary choice, with some remarkable pieces.

Step out of their comfort zone

These budding artists, exhibiting work in a gallery for the first time, were accompanied by artist Eric Massholder. “My idea was to get them out of their habits and their comfort zone,” said their tutor.

Together, the master and his pupils created ‘Nice People’, a sculpted installation representing characters in action. As a symbol to keep moving forward.

“Thanks to this project, having the opportunity to express myself in this way gives me strength, courage and self-esteem to continue the experiences of my life,” said Catam, one of the artists exhibited at Kamil.

Princess Stephanie
Princess Stephanie, president of Fight Aids Monaco, and her daughter Camille Gottlieb at the ‘Expositive’ exhibition, Kamil Art Gallery. Photograph: Monaco-Matin

A sense of satisfaction was also felt by the coordinator of Fight Aids, Hervé Aeschbach. “To be in touch with the art of professionals really stimulated our affiliates. Some have taken up the brush again, when they thought they couldn’t do it. In this human process, valued and recognized people have found a place in society.”

For Princess Stephanie, this project allows members of her association to put themselves forward with their work and not their illness.  “This is a way for affiliates participating in this exhibition to be heard through creativity. I am happy to see them express themselves through art,” said Princess Stephanie, while looking through the exhibition. “And I think they have a lot of talent.”

From the onset, Princess Stephanie supported the artists who gave strength to the project. “They believed in it and created a real dynamic. The most important part of this project is that they promote their work without being discriminated against. That is the whole purpose of our association,” continued Princess Stephanie.

At the beginning of the summer, the association will organize an HIV testing awareness day and will resume its preventive actions before the traditional annual gala in July, which was canceled last year after the attacks on Promenade des Anglais. “Out of respect for the memory of the people killed and their relatives, it was necessary to cancel the gala, it was important,” confides the Princess, although this evening helps finance the actions of Fight Aids Monaco on a yearly basis. “We cannot complain. It was not a sacrifice to cancel that evening. The important thing was to be supportive.”

The exhibition is currently open to the public.

‘Expositive’ runs until the 31st of March at the Kamil Art Gallery, Avenue Princess-Grace.

Inauguration of Monaco’s new Embassy in Lisbon

Albert II in Lisbon
Albert II in Lisbon

On Tuesday the 7th of March, H.S.H. Prince Albert II visited Lisbon to inaugurate the new Embassy of Monaco alongside H.E. Henrique de Polignac Mascarenhas de Barros.  He was invited to lunch at the Belém Palace by the President of the Republic of Portugal, Mr. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Prince signs the Golden Book
HSH the Sovereign Prince signs the Golden Book of the Embassy of Monaco in Lisbon in the presence of His Excellency Henrique de Polignac de Barros – Ambassador of the Principality of Monaco in Portugal and His Excellency Augusto Santos Silva – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Portugal. Photograph: G. Luci.

The opening of the Monegasque Embassy in Lisbon and the appointment of a Resident Ambassador are part of a long tradition of diplomatic relations between Portugal and the Principality which began in 1880 with the first exchange of Honorary Consuls between the two countries. The bonds of friendship were forged from the beginning by the strong relationship that had been established at that time between King Charles I of Portugal and Prince Albert I of Monaco, who had conducted numerous scientific missions in Portuguese waters.

Prime minister of Montenegro in Monaco

But it wasn’t the only official meeting of the Prince on the last week. H.E. Mr. Dusko Markovic, Prime Minister of Montenegro, paid a working visit to Monaco on Thursday, March 9, accompanied by a high-level delegation to participate in meetings focusing on economic cooperation.

Prime minister of Montenegro in Monaco
The official meeting of the Prince Albert II and H.E. Mr. Dusko Markovic, Prime Minister of Montenegro

The Prime Minister was received in audience by H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince, in the presence of Mr. Georges Lisimachio, Head of the Sovereign Prince’s Cabinet, Mr Gilles Tonelli, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and Ms. Anne-Marie Boisbouvier, Counsel to the Prince’s Cabinet.

Prime minister of Montenegro in Monaco
The official meeting of the Prince Albert II and H.E. Mr. Dusko Markovic, Prime Minister of Montenegro

A working lunch was hosted by the Minister of State, attended by the Ministers of Finance and Economy and Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The points raised concerned, firstly, an economic cooperation project with a view to reaching an agreement on tax matters and also on the protection of the environment.

A glorious concert marks the 200th anniversary of the Prince’s Carabiniers

Concert celebrates the Prince’s Carabiniers
Concert celebrates the Prince’s Carabiniers bicentennial. Photograph: Jean-François Ottonello.

On Friday evening, Stéphane Bern presented a concert at the Rainier-III Auditorium to celebrate the bicentennial of the Prince’s Carabinieri Company. Prince Albert II and his sister, the Princess of Hanover, attended this unrivalled celebration. An event which attracted many artists, including China Moses, the daughter of Dee Dee Bridgewater, who was hampered by a broken leg, guitarist Biréli Lagrène, the Berthollet sisters, passionate artists on the violin, and singer Thomas Vaccari (The Voice 2). Accompanied by the Prince’s Carabinieri Orchestra in jazz big band formation and a string ensemble from the prestigious Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, the artists were interviewed by Stéphane Bern after each performance on a stage installed especially for the occasion. The concert, broadcast live on Monaco Info and on the Facebook pages of the Princely Palace and the government (the first) was sold out. This success paid tribute to the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince, founded on the 8th of December, 1817, during the reign of Prince Honore IV. Composed of 120 men, who were placed under the command of Major Gilles Convertini since the 20th of January, this company is the military unit of the Monegasque public force.

Charlotte Casiraghi wore casual at Paris Fashion week

Charlotte Casiraghi
Charlotte Casiraghi

Meanwhile, Charlotte Casiraghi attended the GiambattistaValli show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Women’s wear Fall/Winter 2017/2018 on March 6, 2017 in Paris, France, where Charlotte Casiraghi wore Giambattista Valli Macramé Lace Bomber Jacket. Who says that being a princess is all ruffled ball gowns and prim suits? For modern royalty, the wardrobe options extend far beyond the froufrou trappings that boxed their predecessors into beautiful but impractical looks. No one exemplifies this elevated take on casual dressing better than Charlotte Casiraghi, the Monégasque royal and equestrian, whose laid-back style has been making waves during fashion month. Spotted in the front row at shows including Stella McCartney, Giambattista Valli, and Gucci, Casiraghi has brought a playful sensibility to her low-key wardrobe of jeans, dress pants, and colorful jackets.

Charlotte Casiraghi
Charlotte Casiraghi

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