From the court : stolen and falsified cheques
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From the court

From the court : stolen and falsified cheques

From the outset, the accused was not present at the hearing. No need to look for the reasons. The details of the file give us a hint.

A 22-year old Tunisian “restaurateur” was to appear before the criminal court for fraud to two victims with a stolen check and falsified one. The individual was sentenced to 6 months solid, with a fine of 22000 EUR and 541 Euros to the civil parties. The investigation showed that the man in question had used several fraudulent schemes during the month of March 2016. Jerome Fougeras-Lavergnolle asked the victims to testify, to find out about the details.

“I am still waiting for the promised funds”

The first victim told the court that she had received a check of 630 Euros, in payment for a coffee machine sold for 521 euros. The victim then deposited the check, but the funds were never received, as the check had been stolen. “He was supposed to take over my snack restaurant, and even gave me an acknowledgment of debt of 60000 EUR. I am still waiting for the promised funds. He’s been taking me for a ride for several months and has run out of my savings…”
The second victim was the landlord of the accused, laid charges for having been given a falsified check. The little crook modified a check of 200 EUR to a figure of 22000 EUR, to pay several months’ rent (5000 EUR) in arrears.

“He disappeared”

Therefore: the issuing bank rejected the request due to the account being closed. “The search at the accused man’s domicile was fruitless… He had disappeared”.
“The Accused was arrested on the 19th July alongside 2 other people, one of whom is known to Interpol for fraud. Interrogated in regard to the 2 checks, the accused said he did not understand or know anything about it… we regret the absence of the concerned man during this trial to explain himself” says Jerome Fougeras-Lavergnolle.

“It would have allowed us to know his real identity. In view of other trials, he would be the manager of another French company, Monaco Group Diffusion. The accused seems to be dealing with fraudulent trading. It’s not quite clear how he is dealing with stolen, falsified cheques, acknowledgment of debts, unpaid rent. It is very worrying to know that such a person is running a company in the neighboring country…”, Said Olivier Zamphiroff. In regards to the circumstances, a sentence of 6 months solid will be given and accepted by the court.

Source: Monaco Matin

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