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Naâman concert in Monaco

Концерт Naâman - регги с французским акцентом

Part of the Music Festival, a free concert on Port Hercule. This is the story of the meteoric rise of a young singer with a devastating smile who knew how to shake the codes and make an explosive reggae and an explosive flow heard all over the planet. Voted Revelation of the Year in 2013 at the Reggae Victories (Reggae.fr), …

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A Hive of Activity: 9th APIdays in Monaco

9th API days in Monaco

APIdays 2018, organized by beekeepers from the National Union of French Beekeeping (UNAF) took place at over 120 sites all over mainland France, overseas and in Monaco on Friday 15 June.  This year’s theme was: The link between bees and food via pollination. The event gave school children and the general public an opportunity to learn about the essential role …

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Mur de Barrez: Monaco’s Blessings Shine Deep into France

Mur de Barrez

The Prince of Monaco, no different than the Queen of England, is invested with additional aristocratic titles that bear witness to the country’s fascinating path through history. You will be intrigued and perhaps even surprised to discover the origin of the title Count of Carlades which is third in the list of titles still attached to the Principality. HelloMonaco takes …

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Coya Monte-Carlo: Award-winning Latin American Restaurant

Coya Monte-Carlo

The Coya Monte-Carlo, a new Monegasque establishment with a Latin American ambience, was recently inaugurated during the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Located on the terraces of the Summer Sporting, Coya Monte-Carlo serves up contemporary Peruvian cuisine. The exclusive venue was created in collaboration with the Société des Bains de Mer. Monaco is the Coya’s fifth restaurant, the first location was …

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Prince Antoine I of Monaco, wise statesman and military strategist

Prince Antoine I of Monaco

For thirty years from 1701 to 1731 following the death of Prince Louis I, Monaco came under the rule of his son Antoine I. Antoine would prove to be a wise statesman and an accomplished military strategist. Many of the features that Monegasques hold dear today, Antoine preserved for posterity or improved. During his reign, Monaco’s status as an independent …

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