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In the neighborhood

Monaco’s Marvellous Walks: Tête de Chien

Tête de Chien

HelloMonaco continues its unique series on Monaco’s Marvellous Walks, taking you on a tour of some of the most wonderful walking trails that can be found in the heart of the Principality and the surrounding area. As before, we will delve into the particularities of the route, giving tips on how to get there and what to see! This time …

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Monaco’s Marvellous Walks: La Mala

La Mala walk

The area surrounding Monaco is known to have some of the most beautiful walking trails, whether they are in the hills directly above the Principality or on the seafront. This series will explore the wondrous walks of the Riviera, delving into their particularities, giving tips on how to get there and what to see! One of the prettiest and most …

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Winter of 1880 in Nice: carnival, music and confetti

Paillon Illustration

In March of 1880, Nice was about to launch its winter regattas, under the presence of the Prince of Wales. The event was important. Parisian newspapers sent their special reporters. This was an opportunity for a journalist from the Parisian magazine ‘L’Illustration’ to discover the joy of winters in Nice. He described his impressions in an issue from the 13th …

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Fête du Citron – Oranges and Lemons Galore

Fête du Citron (Lemon Festival)

This coming weekend is your last chance to visit the 84th edition of the famous Fête du Citron (Lemon Festival) in Menton. This year the event started on the February 11th and ends on March 1st. With general admission just 10 euros to The Biovès Garden, it’s definitely not one to miss! What started out as a modest fruit show …

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La Turbie: small paradise on Earth next to Monaco

La Turbie

Not everyone knows the small town of La Turbie on the French Riviera. It is overshadowed by both the beauty of Monaco and the popularity of Nice. But if you do slow down on your way from Nice to Monaco, you would fall in love with this place. From time immemorial, LaTurbie has been a junction connecting Rome to France, …

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Giant dragon takes part in the Nice Carnival


Cédric Pignataro, a young float-artist and his team have built a 41.5 m long Niçois dragon, inspired by a famous float from 1905. A Chimera, brought to life by humans pedaling inside its big mouth… ‘A dragon and politicians’. The group in the monster’s jaws are in charge of the Nice Festivities.  In other words, Cédric Pignataro and his staff: …

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Behind the Scenes of Menton’s 84th Lemon Festival

Menton Festival

Municipal workers carry out intricate work: fruits are hooked one by one to the large metallic structures. The highest structures are 6 meters high. After travelling ‘Around the World in 80 days’, plunging ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’, visiting ‘The Chinese Empire’ and discovering the Cinecitta Film Studios last year, the Lemon Festival 2017 will revolve around the theme …

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Notre Dame de Laghet

If you are a long-term resident of the French Riviera, you have surely heard of a miraculous sanctuary in the neighborhood of La Turbie. I first learned about this place from a friend who was trying for a long time to have a baby and was advised to go to Laghet. And she did get pregnant in the end. Whether …

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