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Monte Carlo Classic Rock

Monte Carlo Classic Rock festival will take place in Monaco this autumn at Opera Garnier Monte Carlo. Here is the list of artists to perform :

caravan musicians

Caravan + Pendragon
14 OCTOBER 2016
The story begins in 1978 in the tranquil city of Stroud (Gloucestershire, England). There’s Nick Barrett (guitar and vocals), Julian Baker (guitar and vocals), Nigel Harris (drums) and Stan Cox (bass). Zeus Pendragon was born. Full of ambition, the four pals started by playing covers of Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Santana and Jimi Hendrix, before writing their own songs, in the more and more “progressive” trend, as some musicians left the group while others joined.
The encounter with Marillion, who had growing success, would be decisive in the group’s direction who became the shorter Pendragon. From 1982, both groups regularly toured together, to more and more impressive audiences. However, they had to wait until 1991 and through many line-up changes for Pendragon to find its definitive form and record the album “The World”, which marked its real recording début. “The Window of Life” and “The Masquerade Overture” followed and ensured their international success.

Cock Robin: Chinese Driver Tour + Procol Harum

Cock Robin: Chinese Driver Tour + Procol Harum
15 OCTOBER 2016
One song was enough to make Procol Harum a legend of popular music forever. Who didn’t slow dance to A Whiter Shade of Pale? Released in 1967 on the group’s first album, the song, inspired by one of Bach’s cantatas, went global. To date it has been the most played song in 75 years, in all formats! But Procol Harum is not a one hit wonder. Ten of their albums have been recently remastered and a 2-CD anthology entitled “Secrets of the Hive”, was released.
Gary Brooker’s voice, Keith Reid’s texts along with Procol Harum’s timeless soul are still just as fascinating as ever.

The Musical Box presents “Genesis – Selling England By The Pound”

The Musical Box presents “Genesis – Selling England By The Pound”
12 NOVEMBER 2016
The Musical Box is a Canadian ensemble, founded in 1993, currently considered as the best existing performance group, thanks to its extraordinary work in historic reconstruction of Genesis’ repertoire. Delving into the group’s archives and into those of the fans, the members of The Musical Box have succeeded in identically recreating the music but also the visuals of the group created by Peter Gabriel. Also, it’s a real trip back in time which invites fans to rediscover the theatricality and the musicality of concerts given by Genesis in the 70’s.

King Crimson

King Crimson
17 & 18 NOVEMBER 2016
King Crimson, formed in 1969, is considered one of the most emblematic and influential progressive rock bands. The latest formation is very different to all the others the group has undergone, with Robert Fripp on the guitar, Tony Levin on the bass, Mel Collins on the saxophone, Jakko Jakszyk on the guitar and singing, and not one but three drummers (Gavin Harrison, Bill Rieflin et Pat Mastelotto)!
Their latest album, “Live At The Orpheum”, released in early 2015, was recorded on their previous American tour and gives a glimpse of this incredible new line-up.

To buy the tickets to the  Monte Carlo Classic Rock festival follow the link: https://www.montecarlolive.com/monte-carlo-classic-rock-en/programmation/

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