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Monaco – how to get there


The airport closest to Monaco is in Nice. Only 20 km are between Nice and Monaco, and a helicopter, taxi, or a bus is at your disposal. There is also a railroad, but you will have to use some means of transportation to get there, and you will not be able to save time or money.

Getting to Monaco by air

The Nice Airport has both national and international flights. It has two terminals. As a rule, international airlines use Terminal 1 but it is always safer to check this information in advance, especially if you are leaving, not to find yourself in a wrong terminal in the last minute. It only takes about 3 minutes by bus to get to another one, but who wants to run around?

The Nice airport is small, convenient and colorful. Those who arrive here are usually in a relaxed vacation mood, and if you are leaving, make sure to arrive in time to get a cup of coffee and eat a croissant in café Paul, and to wander around Hermès and Hediard boutiques after passing security check. Log into the airport WiFi, it is slow at times but free, no need for sms-verification.

The airport has a good website and mobile application, where all the important information is available both in French and in English:

Helicopter, anyone?

The fastest and most convenient way to get to the Principality is by air, especially in high season, and especially if you are not afraid of these noisy peculiar vehicles.

The red-and-white stands of Heli-Air Monaco are located in every terminal of the Nice Airport, and regular flights go to Monaco (and back) every 30 minutes, from 8:45 AM to 8 PM. You may book a flight online, or simply go to the stand of the company after receiving your luggage.

Your flight will only take 7 minutes and the views are breath-taking. The company provides a complimentary shuttle service, which will deliver you to the hotel or the house in Monaco, and of course pick you up, and bring to the helicopter deck in the Principality, if you are going to travel. The price is from 105 euro per person.

French & Monaco Taxi

The taxi stands are located right in front of the entrance of the airport. It is a reliable, comfortable, but quite costly means of transportation at the Riviera: 20 km to Monaco will cost you an average of 100 euro. Almost every driver speaks English, and they will be happy to practice it while talking to you.
Prepare the cash because not every cab has a credit card reader.

Bus #110

Every half an hour, approximately from 8 AM to 9 PM the bus number 110 leaves the airport and goes along the route Nice Airport – Monaco – Mentone. For as much as 20 euro (or even a little cheaper, if you buy a to-and-from ticket), and within 30-40 minutes, the bus will deliver you to Monaco taking the expressway. You can buy the tickets in the ticket office at the exit from the terminal. The driver will ask you where exactly in Monaco you are trying to get, and will stop you at the nearest bus stop in the Principality, and from then on you are on your own. It is a very comfortable and highly recommended kind of transport.

Railroad to Monaco

This is not the most popular way to get to the Principality, but nevertheless if you managed to find yourself at the Monte-Carlo train station with your luggage, and you want to get a cab to get to the hotel, it might not be that easy. You should be looking for a stand column with a telephone on it, and follow the instructions depicted there. Good luck in your attempts to explain to the cab service representative where exactly you are located because the train station has several entrances and exits.

Getting to Monaco by water

Why not? A number of huge cruise liners enter Monaco (unfortunately for many locals), so you can wander around the Principality for a day during your European voyage.
If you are on a yacht, your captain will likely solve all the problems with parking. The port in the Principality is small, which is why in high season many yachts drop the anchors in the sea without reaching the harbor.

picture from the website:

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