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Constantine restaurant in Fontvielle: Italian best

This small cozy non-touristic restaurant in Monaco is one of my favorites. Why? Imagine a small wooden terrace flooded in the greenery, pots with plants, and fresh vegetables on grey wooden tables, all sort of chairs with cushions, a bookshelf with adventure and art books, the sea within a stone’s throw from you, low hanging lamps at night, and a canonical glass of cold prosecco, which is included in the lunch price.

I would compare this place with the Correas in Moscow, especially with their first location at the Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street, where you know that the food will be tasty and high in quality, and it is worth coming here from the neighboring district of the capital for the above reason and for the hearty atmosphere.

Now first things first, let’s talk about food. The restaurant’s motto is “atelier du goût”, translated from French as a taste atelier, and the chefs (they have two: one is in charge of the main cuisine, and the other one – of the desserts) make huge efforts to ensure tasty food and beautiful service. Everything is cooked from fresh seasonable products. For lunch (within the range of 20 euro with a drink and espresso) you can choose one of the three types of hors d’oeuvre and the main course, which can be meat, fish, or vegetarian. You can also choose fresh pasta because all owners and chefs are Italian. At night the guests are offered a wide variety of dishes à la carte. How do you like this: “baby lobsters from Mazara del Vallo baked in extra virgin Ligurian olive oil with parsley served with vegetables” for 36 euro, pasta “traditional “G.Cocco” linguini with brown crab meat and fresh tomatoes” for 24 euro, or “flan with zuccini, parmigiano, and saffron sauce” as an hors d’oeuvre for 16 euro? And leave some space for desserts. Though I warn you: it will be a tough choice! Once we had a big party for dinner here and simply ordered all desserts on the menu. There were probably around six or eight of them. We passed them around so that we could try them all: a berry mille-feuille, tiramisu, panna cotta, crème brûlée, and an apple pie…

One of the pleasant surprises is that you are most likely to get something tasty and unusual like an hors d’oeuvre as “chef’s compliment”, a cookie treat with a cup of coffee, or an offer to taste test various olive oils on the freshest bread before dinner. Well, I have already mentioned the glass of prosecco for lunch, haven’t I?

34, Quai Jean-Charles Rey – Port de Fontvieille – 98000 – Monaco
Tél: +377 97974588 – Email: info@constantine.mc
We-site (they have a multiple language dinner menu): https://www.constantine.mc/
Open: from 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM Mon-Fri; from 5:30 PM to 1:00 AM on Sat and Sun

My son remembers this restaurant for their very unusually colored toilet paper in the bathroom! I won’t tell you which color – you will have to see it yourself 😉

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