The Fairmont Hotel 4****: a good hotel, a big hotel

The Fairmont hotel in Monaco is located walking distance away from the Monaco Casino right on the Formula 1 track. Monaco Grand Prix days come, and the price of the suites with the windows facing the race rise incredibly… The Fairmont evokes mixed feeling and somehow reminds of Las Vegas – life humming in the local casino right from the hotel’s hall could be the reason.

The locals like to come to Fairmont to work out in its well-equipped gym, and let the local hairdresser Anya do their hair in the hotel’s saloon.

Franchised restaurant Nobu was open here in the end of 2013. The food is quite good, however the price tag makes even the local audience used to numerous zeros wonder…

The Saphir lounge bar is worth visiting and will make you forget about all the hustle-bustle and the lights of the hotel’s casino. If you pass fast enough through the entertainment facilities down the hotel towards the sea, a chic skyline and a peaceful ship deck-like ambience are waiting for you. This is a perfect spot for romantic encounters and friendly meetings. If you are a fan of the brunch culture, when you start with breakfast and slowly end up having lunch, it is worth coming here to the restaurant in the open air named Horizon on Sunday. They play jazz, the offsprings are busy in the children’s room, and you can enjoy the tasty buffet.


As of last year the Billionaire Sunset Lounge is open at the roof in warm seasons. A DJ plays music at night right next to the swimming pool, and they serve sushi, cocktails and hookah. The place has not yet become “hot”, so there is no absolute need to add it to your must-go night agenda.

Address: 12, Avenue des Spélugues, 98000, Monaco
Phone: + 377 93 50 65 00
Booking & reviews:
Price: 500 euros+ in high season

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