The Hotel de Paris: rich – expensive – highest-ranked

There is no doubt that the Hotel de Paris wins the prize in the category of ‘rich & expensive’. Located in the very heart of the Principality, with its façade facing the square in front of the famous Casino, café de Paris, the neat rows of the most fully-loaded cars which the skillful valets park so that everyone could see that here stop the best of the best of the best…

Built in 1864, the Hotel de Paris was designed to embody a fairytale dream, a different world far beyond the routine – to let people easily part with their money in the neighboring Casino. The hotel’s wine cellars contain hundreds of thousands of highly-selected bottles with such self-explanatory names as Lafite, Rothschild, Petrus, Cheval Blanc… Even if you are going to stay at another place, it is worth stopping by for aperitif in the Bar Americain and for dinner at the restaurant Le Grill or Louis XV. In Le Grille one should be ready for the famous roof, which opens from time to time to give the view of the starry night, and in the Louis XV one should be prepared for the large bill and the perfect gastronomic experience of Alain Ducasse. After all, the three Michelin stars cannot be given in vain. In the Bar Americain live music every night, and delicious cocktails wait for you. Dear ladies, please make sure to be seated at the tables because all the particularly-looking females standing at the bar are immediately categorized as a certain type of women…

Repairs are planned to be undertaken in the hotel in the nearest future, hence certain parts of it will be closed, though the guests are not likely to be disturbed.
Dress-code: so that the people ‘in the know’ understand.

[Address: Place du Casino, 98000, Monaco
Phone: +377 98 06 30 00
Reservation and reviews:
Price: 600 euro + in peak season

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