Hotels next to Monaco in Beausoleil, France

If you need to be as close as possible to Monaco but you do not like to be overcharged, the apartment complexes, and two- and three-star hotels Olympia, Adagio, Capitole, and the others literally bordering the Principality are at your disposal in Beausoleil. The hotels will be of mediocre or lower quality but instead you will experience the French color, and at your disposal will be the excellent everyday (open until 12:00 PM) market and excellent bakeries-boulangeries with the croissants for breakfast. You will cross the border between the two countries every day, and soon you will probably be able to accurately say whether you are is still Monaco or whether you are already in France: the people, the color, the neatness – everything will differ a little bit.

The key tip for those picking a hotel here: make sure to consult the map as to the proximity of this or that hotel to Monaco. Beausoleil stretches uphill, and what might seem like some extra hundred meters on a map, will turn out to be a hudndred meters UPHILL in real life, and in the summer heat you are guaranteed to notice this.
If you miss Russian food, in the proximity there is a Russian Deli selling the usual to Russians German products, and a parochial supermarket, unlike the one in Monaco, is open even on Sundays.

And one more thing – while the French cabs are not huge fans of the night working shifts, the taxi from Monaco will not come to pick you up from France (from Monaco the cab will take you anywhere you want, and yet calling a cab from the Principality to the neighboring country is out of practice), so bear this in mind while planning your public début and wearing the most prince-crushing heels – we have mentioned about the mountains already, haven’t we? 😉

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