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September is the right time to enroll your children in sports

Monaco is an expensive country, but it offers a wide range of affordable sportive activities for children. Unless you have an ambition of raising a new tennis star and hiring Nadal as a personal trainer, getting your children into sports will not cost as much as you think. And September is the month to enroll.

So how can you ensure enjoyable and sportive time for your little one while having a few spare hours to yourself? Register with the “Association Sportive de Monaco” at Louis II Stadium in Fontvieille. That’s the place to sign up for such sports as karate and taekwondo, athletics, basketball, ping pong, boxing, triathlon, swimming and synchronized swimming, rugby, volleyball, bobsleigh and others. A full list of activities are available on their website:

Hidden on the 9th level of the Monaco Train Station car park, sits a luxurious municipal gymnastics hall. Another fine example of how Monaco uses every spare meter in style. There are both girls’ and boys’ section Some children practice gymnastics just to be fit, while others do some serious training and represent Monaco at different competitions.

Traditionally you enroll in sports at the beginning of September. You can check the information about starting dates, trial sessions, meeting with coaches and enrolling either at the main entrance of Louis II Stadium (Marriott side) or directly on the website. If you know exactly what sports you want to enroll in, go straight to the Stadium office and pick up all the necessary paperwork. If the sport is very popular, such as swimming, you may be asked to qualify for it first.

Signing up for sports can be stressful, with lots of noisy kids and worried parents milling about. Most coaches hardly speak any English, and if your French isn’t up to snuff, don’t worry—just take it easy, smile and use sign language. Fill in the application form and keep in mind the starting date for the classes. You will also be asked to make a payment, bring photos and undergo a medical examination right at the stadium. It only takes 15 minutes and is completely free of charge. Bringing a few medical certificates in advance can useful. I needed one later on in summer when my child started sailing lessons.

Most sports classes are held on Wednesdays. There is no school in France and it is a short day in Monaco, so Wednesday afternoon is the time for sports. During school holidays many sports clubs offer additional classes (for an extra fee).

Prices per year or per package:

Gymnastics training for competitions (3 times a week for 2.5 hours) – €250
Athletics (once a week) – €75
Tennis club of Cap d’Ail for a group of 8 people – €130 / 10 lessons.

What sports are your children practicing, and where?

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