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The beaches in the vicinity: Mala in Cap d’Ail, Paloma Beach in Cap-Ferrat

If you get tired of going to the beaches in Monaco, and you happen to have a car, take your time to look around the close vicinity. Theoretically, one can walk to the beaches of Cap d’Ail – from the Fontvieille quarter (you can get there by buses number five or six, and get off the bus stop Stade Louis II) walk towards the Marriott hotel. Right behind the hotel the civil seashore line begins with its beaches and small restaurants. Cap d’Ail is famous for its Mala beach. The best way to get there is still by car, but you would have to get lucky to find an available parking spot. If the day is not too hot, and you like to take walks, keep on going along the seashore line to the direction of Nice – after the long (20-30-40 minutes) promenade you will get to the Mala beach from the shore side, – and you will be surely able to enjoy the promenade: the picturesque scenery, peace, the sea and the sun. You can take a swim, and on your way dive into the sea from the rocks, which is what the natives do, – but plan beforehand how you are going to get out of the water. If you see people sun tanning, and there is a non-saline shower nearby – this is a good sign, and most likely swimming here is allowed.

The Mala bay and beach are famous for their clearest water and the breathtaking marine and mountainous landscape. One can infinitely feast her eyes on them. Here you can settle at either a public beach or the other local beach restaurants La Reserve Mala or the Eden Plage Mala. You’d better be ready for the rocky beach and the sea bottom – this is the price to pay for the beautiful clean sea.

Eden Plage Mala
Телефон: +33 4 93 78 17 06
Сайт: www.edenplagelamala.com

La Reserve Mala
Телефон: +33 4 93 78 21 56
Сайт: www.capresort.com/

Paloma Beach, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

There is something very special in Cap-Ferrat, and this “something” is difficult to put into words. You might feel this on your own when after a short trip from Monaco you will find yourselves on this small bay, which lays away from the busy roads. To me, Cap-Ferrat is the embodiment of a resort vacation from the period of around, say, the 60s of the last century, the time of Marilyn Monroe and her movies. These are narrow oddly winding streets, gracefully aged buildings, the well-groomed small shops for the tourists and the natives – the time passes at a leisurely pace, and everyone enjoys life. And Paloma beach is a fashion plate of those times – mahogany beach loungers, wooden benches, boats that bring the yachts’ dwellers, who come for lunch here, to the shore, the waiters and the beach boys carrying the towels and cocktails for you… There is no place for glamour and opulence, but this is simply the place with the kind-hearted people who are good at one and the same difficult task of creating comfort for us, the vacationers. The restaurant menu remains the same as last year and two years ago, which is almost always a good sign. In my personal rating the Paloma restaurant is number one in Fritto Misto – and trust me, I have tried this mix of battered sea creatures in quite a bunch of places. Other excellent options are the artichoke salad and baked zucchini blossoms…

Tips: Reserve the beach lounges in advance. This is the rule especially in high season. The parking lot at the beach is small, so arrive early, or pray to the Universe for help and for a free parking spot. There is a free beach with shadowy trees next to the private one. The beach itself is covered with tiny fine pebble, and has the wooden dock from which the kids happily dive in. One can rent a jetski in high season. The place is popular with the yacht-dwellers who come to the restaurant for lunch and dinners.

Paloma Beach
Телефон: +33 4 93 01 64 71
Сайт: www.paloma-beach.com

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